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My latest post, called "The Fight Against My Bipolar Hypomania Monster", was posted yesterday to The piece is a little more creatively written than my first piece, which was a widely popular introduction piece. My latest piece will be available on their Facebook page later tonight, but it's already available on my public page.... Continue Reading →

The Reason I Hate Releasing My Work…

I'm going to be honest and straightforward with everyone--more times than not, I dread releasing my work to the world; or even letting anyone read it for editing or opinion purposes. It's not completely because I worry about what everyone thinks​; ninety-nine percent of the time I could care less. Rather, it's because of my... Continue Reading →

I’m Back Again!

Once again, I've been quiet, but not because I'm in a slump or a mixed mood. In fact, my much-needed recovery started after my last post. Thank you for the likes on my last post, the private positive comments, and the words of encouragement. They were much-needed. Now back to business. I've been working hard... Continue Reading →

It’s a Mixed Kind of World

This has probably been the longest since I started this blog that I haven't posted in it. There's a simple explanation for it: I haven't been up to it. I still don't feel up to it, but I'm doing it on this very early Saturday morning because I feel that I need to. It's a... Continue Reading →

We Need to Learn New Words

I got up a couple of hours ago so I could run some errands around town, before the Saturday morning/afternoon masses came out. I was semi-successful in getting them done; I had about a three-hour wait for my oil change. I chose to go back later because I don't have the patience to sit in... Continue Reading →

Sixth Month of the Year

I can't believe half of the year is gone already. It doesn't seem that long that I was sitting up, watching the new year come in with a bottle of Hennessy. It was raining that night, and after having a dinner at a popular restaurant here, I didn't feel like being out with the masses,... Continue Reading →

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