Facing Ignorance, Yet Again

Not too long ago, I was kind of taken aback by some remarks that someone said. This person and I don't necessarily have the best of all relationships, but the comments that they made really bothered me. Everything else that this particular person says doesn't really get to me, but this one really did. Without... Continue Reading →


Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's not even summer yet and it's already hot as hell here. Atlanta is definitely living up to one of its nicknames, Hotlanta. I've been running around a little bit this week, so I'm taking the day to stalk the internet, write, stalk the internet some more, and ended with playing... Continue Reading →

Good Session; Traffic Sucks

Went to see my doctor today, and aside from the pain in the ass Atlanta traffic, it was a good session. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a medicine that I couldn't order before because the prescription was expired. Everything was actually easy, a lot easier than I expected. It didn't... Continue Reading →

New Week; Making Changes

So...I've taken another few days away from writing, but not because something was wrong. It was because I simply didn't feel like being in front of the computer. Some of the time was dedicated to resting, but a good part was dedicated to taking care of business dealings, including a venture that I'm hoping will... Continue Reading →

Speaking on the Voiceless

It was almost 10:30 PM when I started this post. At this time, I'm preparing to take my nightly dose of candy that's supposed to help wrestle my brain into submission, and take me into a near comatose sleeping stupor where I will probably have some of the oddest dreams known to man; or maybe I... Continue Reading →

Don’t Trigger Me

It's yet again another beautiful day here in Atlanta, GA. It's sunny, it's warm; I feel like going for a walk somewhere or just sitting outside (now since my seasonal allergies are going away), or crashing somebody's barbecue (if it was the weekend). Days like this can trigger my bipolar episodes. "What the hell are... Continue Reading →

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