Why Should I Hire JB Burrage?

Why should I hire you?” I know that it’s the first question that comes to mind when you found me and my work. I totally understand that, because just like I need to know details about you and your project, you need to know more details about me; especially if you’re seriously considering hiring me.

As a potential client and your independent contractor, it is important that you get to know something about me before we work together. Most likely, you have never worked with me before, or only took a glance at my work, but I intrigued you. However, you have some hesitations. To help ease your reservations, I’m answering a few of the questions you’re probably having, and hopefully, it should help you with your decision to work with me.

  • I’m an independent contractor and not your employee. That won’t change in the foreseeable future. I’m working for my own company, Phoenix Endeavors, Inc. When you pay for my services, you pay my company directly; not me. All is required is the necessary paperwork to establish the project and the relationship.
  • I am a proud Army veteran who served over a decade, being honorably discharged in 2010.
  • I have a business management degree, and even though I work for myself, I can organize and manage an effective team if your project requires it.
  • Due to my career as a logistics sergeant in the Army, as well as my thirst for knowledge that has been with me since I learned how to read at around four years old, I’m an avid researcher.
  • I started writing when I was a child, but I’ve been writing as a serious business since 2005. In school, I wrote everything from long, passionate letters to skits that were performed in my elementary and middle school classes, to full-length sci-fi scripts in high school.
  • I have an active imagination, which helps me tremendously when writing. I can use this when writing creative work or business pieces.
  • I’ve been self-publishing since 2007.
  • I absolutely love writing stage plays and other scripts.
  • I love helping people tell their stories and helping people in general.
  • The articles that I have written for some blogs have received praise internationally.
  • I’m dedicated to my work; as your contractor, my focus will be on your project. 
  • I’m reasonable with my rates, but I also know my worth. I’m confident in my value and capabilities and don’t work for free.
  • Unlike other freelance writers who probably discovered they wanted to write while in a cubicle at their old job (nothing wrong with that because I decided to self-publish at a desk in my office at work) and had no idea how to write until they read somebody’s motivational book that convinced them that they could write anything, writing is a true passion of mine that has been with me for most of my life. I take it very seriously. 
  • Even with my skills, I’m constantly studying to improve knowledge of the business and improve my writing style.

Through these initial answers, you should see that I’m very serious, and I know that I’m very valuable. Hopefully, this will help in your decision-making. Still interested in working with me? Find out how by visiting Booking and Licensing.