Langston hughes
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This is the page where I’m supposed to proudly show off some of my work. We’re going to get to that. Before we get started, you need to know that I’m an intensely passionate writer and businessman who is operating a multi-faceted business that includes writing and developing fictional stories, interesting blog posts, and entertainment production.

I’m always looking to develop interesting and captivating stories with deep, twisted plots that are relatable to real life. I feel that if you read or view my work and I was not able to invoke your emotions—whether it’s gaining insight, being uncomfortable, feeling somewhat confused, or being blindsided—then I didn’t do my job. I failed you. I can’t be comfortable knowing that I didn’t do my job.

Check out these sub-pages to see some of the work I’ve done:

To use any of my work for your own professional use, you must receive written permission from me. Reblogging and sampling are allowed, as long as you credit me properly (best example of being reblogged with proper credit).

For use of my work, I have these simple rules:

  • For stage plays, TV, film (full-length or short), internet, and any sort of entertainment medium using my work that I have written, royalties and other compensation for all professional and amateur performances will be due to my company, The Mad Writer Project, LLC.
  • The amount is negotiable, but this stipulation isn’t up for discussion.

For all inquiries about my work, visit the Contact page.