The Mad Writer Stories

Here are only a few of the short stories I have written in the past.

Room 635

Reuben has everything a man could ask for; a successful job, lots of money, and a beautiful family. Unfortunately, his work requires him to spend a lot of time away from his family, to the dismay of his wife, Sasha. Sasha is increasingly unsatisfied with the marriage. Reuben has no idea until one day when he returns from another business trip and makes a shocking and horrifying discovery.

Warning: The contents of this story are not suitable for people under the age of 18 or people with sensitivity to highly sexual material.


David is the neighborhood player. For him, women are like buses; he gets off one with the next one coming. He finally meets his match when he meets Leslie. Leslie is nothing like any of the women that he ever been with; she was sexy, classy, and all about the business. Initially playing hard to get and making David work overtime for her, she eventually gives him the girlfriend treatment with no strings attached, knowing that David was seeing other women. This was everything that David could ever ask for–that is until one day when she gives him an ultimatum; leave the women alone and settle down with her or let her go. David’s reaction to this change in the game set events in motion that will change their lives forever.