The Mad Writer Project

The Mad Writer Project Official Logo Cropped (White-Without Website)

I started it in June 2018 as a company to manage my project of the same name on Patreon. Since then, I’ve since changed it a writing and publishing consulting company, while also serving as my publishing and multimedia company. Through this company, I write various projects for clients, consult with people interested in self-publishing, publish my books and plays, and manage my personal writing and multimedia projects.

The company manages The Diary of a Mad Writer, my official blog. Along with the blog will be Sunday Night Thoughts, a series of Sunday evening posts that was started in May 2018. The blog will also contain a category called Through the Fire, a series of articles on mental health issues.

The name “Mad Writer” comes from my blog, The Diary of a Mad Writer. The name itself is inspired by several projects that used The Diary of a Mad… in some form, the intensity and style when making the decision to write, and my battles with mental illness; which is no secret if you follow my work. It’s also my way of paying homage to other artists who were mad with creativity or dealt with mental illness.

The Mad Writer Project is not limited to genre. It will produce general fiction, urban fiction, science fiction, blogs, vlogs; anything that I feel like creating. Through the company, I will distribute my work through any method I choose, no matter how restrictive or widespread it would be. I’ll work and collaborate with anyone I feel would best help with my work. The Mad Writer Project is all about the love for my art, and showcasing it the best way I can.

Other components of the online and physical presence of The Mad Writer Project includes:

  • The Mad Writer Theater: Will include all theater projects that I’m working on, including published plays.
  • The Mad Writer Books: Books other than stage plays that are either published by The Mad Writer Project, LLC or by other publishers.
  • The Mad Writer Stories: This will be for any short story that I will create, which could be published anywhere that I choose.

Working with me…

Creative Team

I’m looking forward to working with people who have serious projects for me to work with. A full range of current and new services will be announced in 2019. If you would like to contact me for projects, visit the Contact page.