The Mad Writer Books

Book Signing
Casually Dressed JB Burrage at a Book Signing in Las Cruces, NM, in 2010.

For now, these are the books that I have available. I had science fiction work that I since made unavailable. I’m weighing on the possibility of returning to sci-fi, just because I like to switch up the game. I have more books coming since I will switch back to publishing myself. Otherwise, check out these great pieces of work. They are available where books are sold.

He Trusts Me Too Much

He Trust Me Too MuchMeet Trevor Hunter, an owner of a local powerhouse realty who is making big moves around his town and throughout his region. A well-recognized name and top dog in the business, the only place he can go is up. His best friend is Michael Pendergrass, a successful talent manager who Trevor looks at as a brother. Then there is Stephanie, the beautiful fiancée of Michael; and Trevor can’t keep his mind off of her. With her stunning beauty, Trevor finds it harder by each day to not want and desire for her. Her flirtatious ways don’t make it any easier for him. Now he faces a crossroad of a dilemma: loyalty to his best friend who he has known since they were kids, or fall into the lust of Stephanie, the apple of Michael’s eye.

The Deceitful Web

“Looks Can Be Deceiving…”

The Decieitful WebMeet Jeremiah Blackwood, a self-made entrepreneur from the small town of Eastpoint, Mississippi, determined to take the media and fashion industry by storm. Through hard work and dedication, success was inevitable. Just when he thought that things could not get any better, he met a gorgeous young woman whose beauty was unmatched by any other woman he had ever encountered.

Could it be love at first sight? Her eyes were so captivating, so beautiful and brown. It was as if he could see into her very soul. Her smile was vibrant and alluring, revealing the heart of the woman. This is the woman that Jeremiah has been waiting for his entire life. Or was she? Little did he know that she was no angel. This mysterious woman was involved in drama far beyond his mind’s capacity to comprehend. He soon finds himself caught up in a web of lust, deceit, and unadulterated drama.