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I’m Moving! And Moving On.

Well, I'm not physically. But I'm moving my writing business. I'm moving on and doing something entirely new. If you have been paying attention to my site lately, you would've noticed that I've been talking about The Mad Writer Project and a site called Patreon. Well, as of last night, I launched the Patreon project.… Continue reading I’m Moving! And Moving On.

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Sunday Night Thoughts: June 22, 2018

Well, guys, it's another Sunday night here in the ATL, and it was thundering on my side like crazy just a couple of hours ago. The strange thing about it was it was a beautiful evening less than an hour before. Georgia's weather for ya. Tonight I'm not going stay on for too long. I'm… Continue reading Sunday Night Thoughts: June 22, 2018

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John Schnatter, Own Up to How You Really Feel

Be repulsed by what I'm about to say. Go ahead and talk about me in any circle that you're a part of, saying that I'm so vulgar and that I'm race-baiting (a word used by white racists and their sympathizers). In fact, remove me from your social media, if you want. It won't make me… Continue reading John Schnatter, Own Up to How You Really Feel