Sunday Night Thoughts

It's another Sunday night in the ATL, and for once this was a rain-free weekend. Like last week, I'm in my office, listening to slow jams and talking with people on Facebook. I probably won't make this a habit, but who knows. I'm kind of liking this idea of doing a weekly series called Sunday … Continue reading Sunday Night Thoughts

Rainy Sunday Night Thoughts

It's Sunday night in the ATL and it's a raining night. In fact, it seems like it's going to be a raining next few days. I'm sitting in my office, listening to some slow jams in my office, while doing mundane paperwork that's important for business, talking and clowning with people on Facebook, and wondering … Continue reading Rainy Sunday Night Thoughts

How Will You Remember Me?

I ponder that question sometimes. Yeah, it sounds a little morbid, but I'm known for thinking a little bit that way. I don't think it's too out of the ordinary to ask that question, though. I think everyone in some way ask themselves that. If not, then they should. It's not a question of vanity, … Continue reading How Will You Remember Me?