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Roseanne, You’re Fired!

I woke up this morning kind of late because I went to sleep around 4 AM. I was working on some things on the website, trying to make it more efficient after the layout change. The first thing I saw was an alert on my phone from CNN that Roseanne apologized for her rants and… Continue reading Roseanne, You’re Fired!

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A Fundamental Problem

I'm disturbed and disgusted to even write this piece. But before I go into my thoughts, I'm going to let you sit and stare at the picture for a second. As I spend the next couple of hundred words getting my message out, I want you to think about this picture and let it sit… Continue reading A Fundamental Problem

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A New Norm…

This is my first real post in a while, and I'm a little disappointed that this is my first piece after taking an emergency hiatus. But the times require this, and as an artist it would be a little irresponsible for me not to talk about this subject. I'm not making this political, though I… Continue reading A New Norm…