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My Reasons for Releasing A Summer Vacation with the Clark Family

On Tuesday (September 18, 2018), I announced my first published project outside of blogs since early 2016. While it's not a book in the traditional sense; rather a stage play that I wanted to produce in 2015; it's the first major product out of The Mad Writer Project. A Summer Vacation with the Clark Family… Continue reading My Reasons for Releasing A Summer Vacation with the Clark Family

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Rainy Sunday Night Thoughts

It's Sunday night in the ATL and it's a raining night. In fact, it seems like it's going to be a raining next few days. I'm sitting in my office, listening to some slow jams in my office, while doing mundane paperwork that's important for business, talking and clowning with people on Facebook, and wondering… Continue reading Rainy Sunday Night Thoughts

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New Business; Rebirth

With the success of my entries on and my own motivational drive, I figured it's time I make my announcement of what I've been doing. If anyone has been paying attention to changes made on this website over the last couple of days, they would've noticed that something called 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC.… Continue reading New Business; Rebirth