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I’m Moving! And Moving On.

Well, I'm not physically. But I'm moving my writing business. I'm moving on and doing something entirely new. If you have been paying attention to my site lately, you would've noticed that I've been talking about The Mad Writer Project and a site called Patreon. Well, as of last night, I launched the Patreon project.… Continue reading I’m Moving! And Moving On.

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Maybe I Need to Write a Book

I've been looking over my catalog of work and I realized that the last time I wrote a book was around 2015. I have tons of unfinished material, including a play that's completed, but needs a complete revision because the point of the story changed. But I haven't commercially written a book since 2015. To… Continue reading Maybe I Need to Write a Book

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Sunday Night Thoughts

It's another Sunday night in the ATL, and for once this was a rain-free weekend. Like last week, I'm in my office, listening to slow jams and talking with people on Facebook. I probably won't make this a habit, but who knows. I'm kind of liking this idea of doing a weekly series called Sunday… Continue reading Sunday Night Thoughts