Stage Plays

Stage Play

Even though I wrote my first full-length play in 2011, I was writing short scripts and skits since I was about ten. In fact, those early skits were my first pieces of writing; they were based on a cartoon character, and I based it on me. This was back in the early ’90s. It wasn’t much later that I got into book writing, and in 2014 I got a real resurgence of the drive to get back into stage writing.

Caught in a Twisted Web

Play based on the novel The Deceitful Web (Formerly Caught Up). A cautionary tale of how everything that looks good isn’t always good for you. Jeremiah Blackwood finds this out the hard way as he realizes his love interest, Shirley, is far from the innocent girl she portrays herself to be.

Cast: 7; five men, two women

A Summer Vacation with the Clark Family

The Summer Vacation Front Cover

Justin and Victoria are looking to having a wonderful time on vacation with her family in a beautiful rented home on the beach. The vacation quickly turns sour, as Justin finds himself standing alone against Victoria’s entire family. A breaking point is reached and Justin makes a move that will change his relationship with his wife and his in-laws forever.

Cast: 7; four men (one off-stage), three women

Mr. Braxton’s House

Joseph’s car breaks down in an upscale neighborhood during a severe thunderstorm. Realizing that he has no way of contacting anyone, he finds the Braxton’s household and asks to use their phone. As he waits for help, he meets a host of bizarre residents, and realizes that something is wrong with this house; terribly wrong.

Cast: 9; six men, three women

That One Phone Call

Ten-minute play that follows the main character, Jackson, as he deals with mental breakdowns as they affect his family and friends around him.

Cast: 3; two men, one woman

A Rainy Night

Ten-minute play based on one of my short stories. In my usual fashion of writing stories with unpredictable twists, this play is a story of a love affair gone wrong; however, there’s a shocking twist that no one could’ve possibly imagined.

Cast: 3; One man, two women