Return and Refund Policy

At 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC, our goal is to make sure that all patrons who visit our site and make purchases are fully satisfied. However, due to the fact that most products listed on this site (unless we state otherwise) are sold by third-party vendors, such as, all sales purchased through are final. Absolutely no item can be returned to 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC for exchange or refund.

Each retailer we list on this site have their individual policies on returns and refunds. It is simply not possible for us to research and understand them all. If you’re having problems that need to be addressed immediately, including returning and refunding issues, you will have to contact the vendor directly. 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC has no part in the action or decision making of any vendor, and cannot act on your behalf. Please review the Terms and Conditions page on this site, which has further guidance regarding our policy on third-party vendors.

We apologize for any possible inconvenience that this policy could cause.

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