Phoenix Rising

It’s almost 3 AM here in the ATL and my ass still haven’t been to sleep. Well…I kind of went to sleep for about an hour, but it wasn’t comfortable. But as I write, my favorite candy is slowly starting to take over my body, so hopefully, I’ll be out in about thirty minutes. As […]

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Adjusting in the New Year

It’s a new year and right now it’s a little interesting. Business is growing, new ideas coming through every day, and moves are being made; as usual, I can’t discuss them until it’s right. This is my first blog entry for 2018. I had originally planned on writing to everyone much earlier to ring in […]

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Tick-Tock of the Clock

To start off, my latest post to, called “When Is the Best Time to Tell People You Have Bipolar Disorder?“, was released on social media today. I was nearly two weeks late submitting this article, as I was so entrenched in the building of The JB Burrage Agency and my recovery from my episodes. […]

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