Another Big Leap

It's about a month or so away from my official launch of 10th Avenue Media Visions and my entrance into the freelance writing world, and I'm excited. I'm also a little nervous. It's a huge leap, and sometimes I wonder if I'm truly ready for the days ahead, which I know will not be easy.... Continue Reading →

A Fundamental Problem

I'm disturbed and disgusted to even write this piece. But before I go into my thoughts, I'm going to let you sit and stare at the picture for a second. As I spend the next couple of hundred words getting my message out, I want you to think about this picture and let it sit... Continue Reading →

How Will You Remember Me?

I ponder that question sometimes. Yeah, it sounds a little morbid, but I'm known for thinking a little bit that way. I don't think it's too out of the ordinary to ask that question, though. I think everyone in some way ask themselves that. If not, then they should. It's not a question of vanity,... Continue Reading →

The Black Dog

He slipped through the door on Friday, after spending a few days trying to sneak in through every angle. I did everything I could to fight him back. In the end, he came in, and I'm fighting to kick him out. Winston Churchill frequently talked about his "black dog", an old expression for depression. I... Continue Reading →

Irma: The Mother of Storms

Once again, the United States is faced with a great storm; a storm brought down by Mother Earth. This storm is on the record books as one of the most powerful storms ever faced. It has already ready damn near wiped out several islands in its path. Now its forecast to run through Florida and... Continue Reading →

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