The Work Continues

I continue to look at the feedback from my work that I have done so far with and I'm still amazed. It's simply incredible to get the responses that I've been getting, people telling me how much my articles mean to them and how much they can relate to them. What little do people... Continue Reading →

My New Post with

My latest post was for was posted last week. Called "Bipolar Depression: When My Days Got Dark and I Thought I Lost Myself", I switched from talking about my hypomania; which I talked about in my last two posts; to talking about my depression. Some of what I talked about people know about me... Continue Reading →

Just a Rainy Day

As relaxing as rain can be, sometimes it just sucks. Take today for instance. After a few days of very nice weather, the buckets started falling yesterday evening. I was unfortunate enough to be caught in it, because I was out taking care of some JB Burrage business work. I guess I shouldn't complain; Atlanta... Continue Reading →

And Another One…

Once again, my piece to has been well-received. I've received good feedback, with one reader relating to it so much, that she felt like that it was exactly like her. I have one more piece to write before this contract is over. I haven't written it, yet, but I have till July 1st to... Continue Reading →

My Latest Post on

My latest post, called "The Fight Against My Bipolar Hypomania Monster", was posted yesterday to The piece is a little more creatively written than my first piece, which was a widely popular introduction piece. My latest piece will be available on their Facebook page later tonight, but it's already available on my public page.... Continue Reading →

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