Other Project Requests

CopywritingDo you have other writing projects that you would like to hire me for? Do you have requests, such as traveling to a specific location (hint, hint…)? Great! All you have to do is fill out my form on the Booking page.

My writing services aren’t limited to the ones I’ve listed throughout my site. A few of the additional services I can provide include:

  • Marketing pieces,
  • Newsletters,
  • Business plan writing,
  • Resumé writing,
  • Book ghostwriting (with/without credit; limited spots, however).

Writing is my business. It comes before all of the seminars and any other service I offer. Without this God-given ability to write, I wouldn’t have a business. To find out what I can do, all you have to do is ask. As long as your project is within reason, within my capabilities, and not derogatory, I can accommodate any writing project. However, special requests will need additional details to be worked out.

Work involving graphics will be subcontracted to my trusted graphic designers. Their fees will be included on the final invoice.