By reviewing this site, you know by now that I’m a creative writer. You also know that I have work that can be for publication and production. I write to bring my creative style to the world, but I also write to live. My lifestyle, as simple as it is, requires money, just as much as your lifestyle does. I still have to eat, gas up my vehicle to go running errands, and make sure I have a place to live. That alone shouldn’t be hard to understand.

With the exception of certain identified items, all of my creative work on this site is published or developed by my company. I take pride in the fact that I run a creative arts business, in addition to my other writing and business endeavors.

CAUTION: Using any of my work beyond brief samples is a violation of all applicable copyright laws.

  • For stage plays, TV, film (full-length or short), internet, and any sort of entertainment medium using my work that I have written, royalties and other compensation for all professional and amateur performances will be due to my company, Phoenix Endeavors, Inc.
  • Projects, where I’m hired to write work based off of previously published work, such as books, are included in this.
  • The copyright belongs to the original author or creator, but the playwriting/screenwriting rights belong to me, with compensation due to my company for any use.
  • The amount is negotiable, but this stipulation isn’t up for discussion.

As an enterprising artist seeking to contribute my art to the world for everyone to enjoy, as well as for the further development of the arts, I’m allowing the use of completed projects for your publishing or production needs. However, to do so, you must receive my written and expressed permission. That means you can’t take one of my stories or blog entries and make it into a play, script, or book without informing me. Reblogging is allowed, as long as you credit me. (Best example of being reblogged with proper credit).

To develop work based on intellectual property without my consent is dishonest and I won’t stand for it. I’ve worked very hard on all of my projects; sometimes spending years to perfect them. I continue to work hard to create more art that you don’t see because I mostly work behind-the-scenes. That doesn’t mean that you can just freely take my work and profit from them without my knowledge and without including me. It’s only right that I receive compensation for using, just like you would expect the same for the work that you do your job.

This page is not to jump down anyone’s throat, but to help you understand how I conduct my business. This page is also giving you guidelines on how to legitimately request permission to use my work. If you’re seeking to use my work for production or publishing, you can request a license by going to the Contact page and send a detailed request/proposal. All requests will be reviewed by my management team. Some information that must be included are (but not limited to):

  • Name of the requester,
  • Email address,
  • Website and/or social media,
  • Contact phone number,
  • Name of the requesting company,
  • Location of the requesting company or person, as well as all production locations,
  • How will Phoenix Endeavors, Inc will be compensated for the use of this work (royalty-based or flat fee),
  • If it’s a production, the anticipated length of the production run,
  • Proposed royalty percentage or flat rate compensation,
  • If you’re a profit or non-profit business. Non-profits must be ready to provide, necessary documents proving that their 501(c)(3) status.

A detailed plan on how you how it would be beneficial to me and my company would also help, and probably tip things in your favor if good enough, in determining if your request is the right fit.

If my management team looks at your request and turns it down for a legitimate reason, then it’s a pass for me. My manager has been instructed not to send any proposals to me if it doesn’t make sense or fit into my overall business plan/goals. I suggest coming back with a better request/proposal.