“Making my dreams happen, one step at a time.” – JB Burrage

Ever since he discovered his love for writing as a young child, JB Burrage has been able to deliver his interesting characters that are in his mind to life, through three-dimensional storytelling that people can visualize and relate to. He looks to deliver his message and unique writing style throughout the literary and entertainment world.

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In addition to being a creative writer, JB Burrage has also launched the Black Box Room, a blog he created to highlight issues with mental illness, as well as showcase some of his more experimental work and voice his views of how he perceives the world and everyday life.

If you would like to work with JB Burrage, visit the Business Opportunities page for details on how to contact him.

“When I write, I’m opening myself up in ways that I never have before. When you read or see my work, you become a part of a world that I create. My stories are your stories, told in the way that I see them through my eyes. In the end, I’m bringing our stories to life, and they will be told for generations to come.”

– JB Burrage on his thoughts on writing.

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