Creative and Content Writing Services

Playwriting & Scriptwriting


Playwriting was how I first discovered my love for writing, especially creative writing. It’s something that I take a lot of joy of doing.

Whether for the for the stage or film/TV/video/internet, I can write a compelling script. I use Final Draft® software to write a majority of my scripts, which is the première software used by most Hollywood screenwriters.

Options that come with this service include:

  • One-act plays (up to 30 pages),
  • Full-length plays (up to 75 pages),
  • Short films (up to 30 minutes),
  • Web shows (up to 15 minutes),
  • Commercials (up to a minute and a half),
  • 30-minute to one-hour scripts for TV (23 to 46 minutes),
  • Full-length scripts (Contact for details).

Visit the Licensing page for my stipulations about writing plays and other work.

Content Writing


Are you a magazine, journal, or online blog and interested in a freelance piece from a writer with a unique perspective? Maybe you’re looking for a travel writer. You’re probably even looking for a quick and exciting e-book to be written. Then look no further! I’m here for your needs. With your input and my vision, I can write a variety of pieces, including:

  • Guest blogging (500 to 1000 words),
  • Article writing (500 to 1000 words),
  • Entertainment guest blogging or article writing, (500 to 1000 words),
  • Travel for writing projects, such as hotel and travel writing, (Contact for details),
  • E-book writing (up to 25 pages; case-by-case basis)

Arrivedo Hotel Writing Projects

Click here to learn about Arrivedo’s Neighborhood Guides and examples (Video).

This is a special kind of content writing. I have the special privilege of being a Certified Arrivedo Writer, giving me a chance to do hotel writing. Arrivedo is a new hotel booking platform designed to help hotels and resorts keep up or gain an edge over sites like Airbnb. Being a Certified Arrivedo Writer gives me a chance to do content work for hotels and resorts, as well as provide me traveling opportunities so I can write for certain hotels. By being a certified writer, you can hire me to create a Neighborhood Guide, which is a virtual version of the hotel guides that are in each hotel room.

“Bridging the gap between guests and local hosts, Neighborhood Guides facilitate a unique user experience while increasing hotel’s online presence and SEO ability.”

When a guest checks out the hotel, they see this guide, which will show your hotel amenities, the community your hotel is located in, nearby restaurants, nightlife, and more. By doing this, not only will your hotel save money in ordering printed guides that will constantly need updating, but you’ll also have visually attractive material that guests can see anytime. After all, not only does good wording sells, so does how things look: we’re visual creatures, after all. These guides can work for any hotel, resort, or mom-and-pop, no matter the size. Click on the link below their logo to learn more about these Neighborhood Guides.

How I operate…

I mostly work remotely, but I can work on location if required. All projects are first-come, first-service. Rush jobs require an extra fee. Projects that require services in addition to my writing services also will require extra fees and stipulations. We’ll discuss rates when we have our first consultation.

For some projects, such as my playwriting & scriptwriting and e-book writing services, I can only take so many per year. While I will never make this quota public, when I reach it, everyone will be notified. This allows me to put my full attention into my projects, as well as take time for myself. So make sure you contact me with serious inquiries as quickly as possible.

Let’s get started…

If you’re ready to get started, visit the Contact page to get the process started.