The Black Dog

He slipped through the door on Friday, after spending a few days trying to sneak in through every angle. I did everything I could to fight him back. In the end, he came in, and I'm fighting to kick him out. Winston Churchill frequently talked about his "black dog", an old expression for depression. I … Continue reading The Black Dog

Autumn Changes

I'm enjoying the current weather situation here in Atlanta, because it feels like fall. Autumn, if you want to go by the official terminology. Fall is actually my favorite season, even though I'm a winter baby who hates being cold. I'm especially a fan of early fall. I'm not a sports fanatic, but it's the … Continue reading Autumn Changes

Thinking of Texas

This post will be short and simple. I have been following the developments of Hurricane Harvey, as it slammed into the Texas coast last night. A Category 4 storm when it hit, it's the first major hurricane to hit the nation since 2005. Since then, it has been downgraded as it moves further inland. I'm … Continue reading Thinking of Texas