I’m Moving! And Moving On.

Well, I'm not physically. But I'm moving my writing business. I'm moving on and doing something entirely new. If you have been paying attention to my site lately, you would've noticed that I've been talking about The Mad Writer Project and a site called Patreon. Well, as of last night, I launched the Patreon project. … Continue reading I’m Moving! And Moving On.

Taking Control of My Work and Getting Back to Who I Am

Yeah, it seems that I'm always changing up companies. I admit I do that a lot. Yes, it seems like I can't make up my mind with what I'm doing. Believe it or not, I know what I'm doing; there's a method to my madness. You're probably even wondering how much money I'm spending with … Continue reading Taking Control of My Work and Getting Back to Who I Am

Roseanne, You’re Fired!

I woke up this morning kind of late because I went to sleep around 4 AM. I was working on some things on the website, trying to make it more efficient after the layout change. The first thing I saw was an alert on my phone from CNN that Roseanne apologized for her rants and … Continue reading Roseanne, You’re Fired!