Interesting in booking JB Burrage? JB Burrage is not available to take on writing projects at this time. However, fill out the form below if you’re seeking any of the following:

  • Licensing any of JB Burrage’s work,
  • Media requests,
  • Seeking to represent JB Burrage,
  • Seeking to book JB Burrage for events,
  • Looking to work with JB Burrage for business besides what’s listed here.

Do not send unsolicited story suggestions to JB Burrage. All scripts, manuscripts, loglines, summaries, and other forms of story ideas sent without prior approval will be discarded without being opened.

Writing Projects: Writing is the main business of JB Burrage. For writing projects, a detailed list of services JB Burrage will provide will be posted in a few months, which will also include rates. Almost all writing projects will be done exclusively through Upwork; a few projects, such as script writing, will be done outside of Upwork on a case-by-case basis.

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