Self-Publishing Consulting

This service will be available starting January 8, 2018, but scheduling will open on November 6, 2017.

ISelf-publishing‘m going to be completely honest with you; I didn’t think I wanted to do consulting work. After all, what could I provide? I’m not a millionaire guru who made bank by moving tons of books (like some of these gurus claim…). I’m just an ordinary guy living in an apartment somewhere in Metro Atlanta, who just happens to love to write.

However, I’ve had several people come to me over the last few years, asking me questions like “How do I start writing a book?”, or “Can you help me write my book?”, and even if I think self-publishing is better than publishing (which I always tell people it’s up to their own individual goals, even though I have a preference of self-publishing) and how do they get started. When I started getting more of these questions and requests for help, I had an epiphany. Why not just create a service where I can offer all of my knowledge to people who are interested in getting into self-publishing but don’t know where or how to start?

I’m not going to blow smoke up your behind and tell you that I have the secret to making a lot of money by self-publishing because I don’t. Again, I’m just an ordinary guy living in an apartment somewhere in Metro Atlanta, who just happens to love to write. I’m simply delivering the message.

I know you’re asking these questions: Why should I listen to you? Why should I trust you with my money? You said it yourself that you’re not a millionaire from self-publishing, so what can you do for me that other more successful self-publishers can’t? I understand why you would have those concerns. I would, too. But I have one simple answer to all of your questions. Here it is:

Most so-called self-publishing “experts” will sell you on how to make money and get rich by self-publishing. I’m going to the basics and talking about how to start up a brand new business. Self-publishing is a business venture, and a lot of people will jump head-first into it the water, not realizing what they have gotten themselves until they find themselves in the middle of the deepest part, struggling to stay above the surface. Some of these self-publishing “experts” have great tools to offer; I have taken a part of them myself. But with the tools I’m offering in my service, you can take them and combine them with the tools you can gain from the experts, who are making sales and taking huge loads of cash to the bank.

I have years of experience in the self-publishing world, even though it’s constantly changing. Even with the changes, I know what I’m talking about, and with the combination of my business management degree (from a reputable state college, not some unknown online for-profit school), I’m providing a great service and opportunity that’s worth taking an advantage of. So, I here I am, offering you a chance to tap into the mind of one of the most ambitious writers in the market (at least I think so).

Look at my service as a business class that you will get from your favorite university. The only difference is that you can’t take this to get college credit. But you will gain a wealth of information that will help you start and manage a self-publishing business so you can make money.

My consulting service will start with a one-hour Skype session (or on location, if you’re in the Atlanta area and request it), where I will talk about:

  • Why do you want to write this book; what’s your message?,
  • The Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing,
  • Why you should avoid “self-publishing” companies, such as iUniverse or AuthorHouse,
  • The various business entities to choose from for the purpose of setting up your self-publishing business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company),
  • Managing your self-publishing company,
  • The many tools that are available to you as a self-publisher,
  • And more.

I do have to give you my disclaimers, which I will also give to you at the beginning of the session:

  • I am not a lawyer or any other legal expert or employee. I have never been trained in the field of law.
  • I am not a tax expert. I have never been certified or trained in the field of taxes.
  • While I am giving you information based on my own experiences and research, I STRONGLY recommend that you contact a lawyer or tax expert before you move forward. Since self-publishing is a business; even if you publish only one book; you’re at risk of litigation and other issues that could appear, just as with any business. The information that I provide are not substitutions for professional legal or tax advice.

I can book individual sessions or group sessions.

My Self-Publishing Package 

After the initial session, I have a self-publishing package that will be available to you, if you choose to take advantage of it. This will be perfect for you if you want to self-publish, but don’t have the time to do so. All you do is send me your completed manuscript and I will send you a polished book that you can promote and sell. My only requirement is that your story has not been plagiarized, and it has at least been proofread, such as making sure you have little to no run-on sentences and correct spelling. I don’t expect your manuscript to be perfect English (I don’t even speak or write perfect English), but my package is tailored to a certain price; the more issues there are, the more outside of that special price it will cost. To be clear, I’m not your publisher. I tried publishing other people, and it was an experience I never want to repeat because it was so horrible. I’m just providing a self-publishing package that’s the best you’re going to find anywhere around.

Don’t have time to even write your manuscript? Well, combine my book writing service with my self-publishing service. You get the best of both worlds.

What If You Don’t Want My Self-Publishing Package?

Even if you don’t choose my self-publishing package, included will be a month of consulting service to help you move along your self-publishing journey. Additional months will be additional fees. But like most of my services that I offer, this is a first come, first serve service, with a limited number of spots available. So if you’re serious about this, contact me today by filling out my form on the Booking page.

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