Playwriting & Scriptwriting

Writing plays and other scripts are some of my favorite pieces of work to write. I find it more pleasing than writing books because I can write a story that can be visually acted out; meaning that you’re brought even more into the world I created. I discovered my writing talents when I was a child through writing scripts.Scriptwriting

I would take great pleasure in writing your script for you, whether it’s for the stage or film/TV/video/internet. I use Final Draft to write a majority of my scripts, which is the première software used by most Hollywood screenwriters.

Options that come with this services include:

  • One-act plays (up to 30 pages),
  • Full-length plays (up to 75 pages),
  • Short films (up to 30 minutes),
  • Web shows (up to 15 minutes),
  • Commercials (up to a minute and a half),
  • 30-minute to one-hour scripts for TV (23 to 46 minutes),
  • Full-length scripts (Contact for details),
  • Scripts for crowdfunding campaigns (up to three minutes),
  • Scripts for podcasts (up to 15 minutes).

We will conduct the project with consultation and constant communication for discussing ideas. I need to know why you want this story to be written and told, and if you don’t have an idea, yet, we will need to figure it out fast. For stage plays, even adaptations, I will require a percentage of the profits of any production run. While the rate can be negotiated, this stipulation is non-negotiable. See my Licensing page for an explanation.

Are you ready to get started? If so, let’s do it! Contact me by visiting the Contact page.