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BookwritingSo, you want to write a book? That’s great! But you just don’t have the time. Well…I can help.

I can help you write your story, which will be in a manuscript format for you to do whatever you like with it, whether it’s shopping it around for an agent/publisher or self-publishing. All I would need is a little input from you.

Before we go ahead any further, I will ask you the following question, and I will ask you again before we get started:

Why do you want to write this book?

This sounds like a simple question to answer, but for most people it’s really more complicated. If your answer is because you want to write a book, or you want to write a book because so and so wrote one, then you don’t need this book to be written. Books, whether fiction or nonfiction, are works of art, and works of art conveys a message; even if the message seems odd to the ordinary person. After all, this is your story. Before we start any relationship, you need to have a message.

Once all of the contractual items are taken care of, I will send you an initial form to learn more about what you’re seeking to do.

My book writing service will consist of an initial Skype of phone meeting, at least a weekly follow-up, and three drafts. The third draft will be the final draft, which will be in a locked file until I receive the final payment.

Due to the time commitment required, this service is limited to a few slots a year. Number of slots are subject to change, but you will be notified if capacity is reached. This is a first come, first serve service.

After that, you can move forward with your dream of becoming a published author! Let’s get started. Fill out my form on the Booking page.

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