Blog & Article Writing

BlogAre you a magazine, journal, or online blog and interested in a freelance piece from a writer with a unique perspective? Then I’m your guy! I love writing blog and article pieces, and I can write about a variety of topics, including:

  • Mental health,
  • Current events,
  • Opinion,
  • Fictional pieces,
  • Interviews,
  • Much more.

My pieces are considered well-written and inspirational by people all around the world. One of the main sites I’m contributing to currently is, the site for BP Magazine for Bipolar. My pieces are great conversation starters, and they are thought-provoking. I combine the standard essay form and message with creative writing to create interesting and sometimes shocking pieces.

I’m available to write on a weekly, bi-monthly, or a monthly basis.

If you’re seeking a travel writer, look no further! My Army experience means that I had to go to quite a few places, so I’m used to traveling somewhere new. I’m open to traveling to new places that you need me to go, as long as we work out the proper details. 

Let’s get started. Fill out my form on the Booking page, and let’s go from there.