Staying True to The Mad Writer Project

I was told some time ago that I should do something different with my blog and my website, which was more in the direction of nixing the blog. If you’ve been following me for the last couple of years, you would remember that I tried to move this particular blog to other platforms, and turn this into more of an informational site announcing my work. I was especially looking into moving the blog to the popular Patreon platform. I eventually realized that if I didn’t keep The Diary of a Mad Writer here, there wouldn’t be much to entice people to come and check out the website in the first place.

It was suggested that I move to other more popular platforms, in order to capitalize on what they have to offer. While I do agree with writing on other platforms, such as Vocal (I have a Vocal account that I haven’t used yet), and capitalize on it to further enhance my business and fatten my pockets, I feel that I must have a basic thing that allows me to express myself; this blog does that for me. This blog is also like a personal journal for me that I just happen to make public. It’s not exactly a professional journalistic style blog (I was once told to make my blog more professional), and definitely not the kind of blog that tells your favorite gossip. It’s more of my public platform to do what I love, which is to write. For that reason, I don’t make money off of writing on this site. I do it for the love and passion of it.

So when this idea was suggested to nix the blog and strip down the website (they didn’t use these words, but this was what I interpreted), I balked at it. I do struggle with the content of the website and want to completely revise it to something more minimalistic, which is damn near impossible for me to do because I’m more of an expansive kind of writer; that’s why I’ll probably never be a poet. But to completely create it into a shell and dismantle the blog isn’t something that sits well with me. Again, I was going to dismantle the blog and move it before, only to bring it right back (I switched my website to WordPress years ago so I could have a dedicated blog).

With their vision of stripping down the site, it would be a little more than a “Contact Me” site. But my site has always been about showcasing my work, so the stripped down version just wouldn’t work.

Ultimately, it would’ve meant abandoning the overall reasons why I founded The Mad Writer Project. I started it in order to regain my sense of artistic freedom and love for writing, as I felt like I was losing it.

That feeling of losing my love for writing is why I pretty much lost my passion for writing books. Outside of some revisions to other books, the release of never-seen-before material, and selected plays, I highly doubt you’ll see the great JB Burrage book for the ages anytime soon (although I will help other authors become self-publishers; more on that soon).

True, The Mad Writer Project is a business. But it’s, more importantly, an idea, a vision, and a passion. As a business, I have to do things that would further expand it and make it successful. But as an idea and a vision, it’s important that I stay true to it so I can keep having the passion for something that started when I was so young; back when I wanted to create my own worlds where I was the hero.

So now, for the sake of my overall vision and love, I will not strip down this blog, nor will I restrict what I say on my own blog just because it might hurt some feelings (some people have issues with my content) or that it doesn’t always conform to a certain professional style.

It’s my own platform. Let me have it.

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