Sunday Night Thoughts: September 16, 2018 (Pre-Game)

Well, I’m back for the first since August for a Sunday night conversation. As I write this, I pray for the people of the Carolinas, as they deal with Hurricane Florence. I know some good people there, and I’m happy to hear that they’re doing fine. Unfortunately, the toll from the storm wasn’t light, but it looks like it’s finally starting to move out of the area as a tropical depression. It will be a long recovery, but I know they will pull through.

As I said a few days ago, I was going to post the first Sunday Night Thoughts this Sunday. This will also be the only time I do this until the beginning of October. It’s not because I don’t want to do it anymore. It’s because I want to change the format a little, as I continue to re-establish this blog that I almost abandoned for Patreon and build The Mad Writer Project brand and company. I want to make Sunday Night Thoughts more of a multimedia experience, so I’ll be doing things that I have never really done on this scale. So those who have been following this site, look forward to some exciting changes in the next few weeks.

So on to my thoughts. On this Sunday night, I can say that I’m a little conflicted. While I’m excited about some new things on the horizon, such as the preparation of putting a book version of one of my plays on Amazon (A Summer Vacation with the Clark Family, formerly A Summer Vacation with the Clarks’ is on pre-order now for Kindle readers), I’m also starting to feel the dark feelings that I tend to experience as it gets close to Autumn (even though it still feels like July/August here in Atlanta). Fall is my favorite season, but it’s also the season that I can get pretty down and depressed. This is not the first time I have made this revelation and probably won’t be the last, because I talk about this pretty often.

But I’m trying to deal with it by keeping busy. These last few months have been busy indeed, and I think I have set myself up to have a productive end of the year and 2019. But it still doesn’t take away from those lapses, when the thoughts and feelings come in.

It’s just something about it. I think about the past more. The time change affects my sleep pattern; it’s already fucked up as it is. It’s just a lot of conflicted time for me.

But I’ll be fine. Anyways, I’m closing up this post so I can get ready for the week. Thank you for continued support. This is the pre-game for the revised Sunday Night Thoughts. I will return with a new post on October 7.

Until then, I’ll continue to post regular entries.

See ya later…

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