I’m Moving! And Moving On.

Well, I’m not physically. But I’m moving my writing business. I’m moving on and doing something entirely new. If you have been paying attention to my site lately, you would’ve noticed that I’ve been talking about The Mad Writer Project and a site called Patreon. Well, as of last night, I launched the Patreon project. The Mad Writer Project, LLC and its namesake project on Patreon (patreon.com/themadwriterproject) are now in business.

So what does this all mean? A lot of changes. I’m consolidating my business on the experimental platform so I can have the control I need over my business. It’s a multimedia platform that will have blog articles, plays, videos, books, and eventually livestreaming. Unfortunately, until I can figure out how to loop everything back to this site, I’m moving this blog, The Diary of a Mad Writer, and my Sunday Night Thoughts series to the new platform. August 5 will be my last Sunday Night Thoughts post on this website. It will resume on The Mad Writer Project platform on September 2.

It’s very bittersweet for me because I’ve been operating this blog for free for so long. With the movement of the blog to Patreon, that means that people will now have to pay to see my work. While it’s not expensive (you can read my blog articles for $1 a month), I have to do it this way. Moving this blog isn’t about the money, but I need to make important moves with my business so I can continue to be seen as a serious writer. I’ve also realized that operating this free blog is no longer as liberating as it once was. While criticism is expected no matter what you do, I’ve received quite a few lectures on my more controversial work. Criticize me all day long because my blog was meant to inspire, push the edge, and be thought-provoking. However, I simply I can’t please everyone. But at least I was respected for my bluntness and my way of seeing things.

When I start receiving constant lectures on how I should communicate on my own platform, that’s different from constructive criticism. I respect some criticism. But don’t tell me what I should say and write. By doing that, you’re asking me to limit my freedom on my own platform; a platform that I’ve spent over a year–almost two years–building, and I can’t do that. I refuse. In some cases, the ones giving me these lectures are only doing it so they wouldn’t be embarrassed, not because they’re trying to understand my point and hear my voice. I never cared about that, or how they felt. It’s my art; my voice.

However, I now no longer feel the freedom that I had once felt. So I’m moving my work to a place where I can feel that freedom. So again, it’s not all about the money; though getting paid is nice. It’s about my desire to be free in a world where my freedom is challenged every day, outside and inside.

The Mad Writer Project is a multimedia company and platform that will be a publishing company and theater production company. I’m going back to self-publishing and I’m reigniting my 10-year-old dream of producing a play. With this project, I can express my creative freedom with appreciation and criticism. Not being lectured. Not waking up in the morning doing something I wasn’t happy with. I’m no longer chasing down people so I can write for them, nor actively looking for agents to push my work to the big people.

I lost myself and the only way I can rediscover myself is going back to who I was in the 80s and 90s, and again in the 2000s. The only difference is that I’m using a platform that I feel will support it.

I’m still contracted with other people and organizations. But with this project and company, I’m providing my own content. No need to count my money. No need to force me to deliver according to their schedule. I’m doing it on my own and how I want to do it. While people would be paying for my work, it’s no different from paying for any kind of membership or even paying for a book.

This blog will not shut down. While it won’t be The Diary of a Mad Writer because that blog is transferring to The Mad Writer Project (I’m changing the name of this blog soon), it will still exist, and always will. You will still be able to follow-up on updates, especially if I’m working on a project. I will provide short snippets of my work from Patreon. Sometimes, I will post whole articles, relating to my work. This definitely won’t be an inactive blog; it will just be used for a slightly different purpose.

I hope all of you will follow me on Patreon, but if you don’t, I understand. Just understand that I’m doing this because I want to feel free and control how I put out my work; something I haven’t really felt in a long time. But just know that this isn’t the last of JB Burrage. I’m just moving on to a new direction of my life and career. So thank you for following this blog. Continue to follow it, because you’ll still have access to my website. My website is a public site, and that will never change. But I really appreciate the support. It has been fun working on this blog, and I’ve enjoyed the comments on and off the blog. But like I said, I have to move on.

Other than the last Sunday Night Thoughts on this site, this will probably be my last entry on this website. Like I said, it’s bittersweet. But I have to do what I have to do in order to build my career and still stay true to myself and what I believe in.

If you want to join, go to The Mad Writer Project page and click the “Become a Patron” image, or go directly to this link: patreon.com/themadwriterproject. Either will take you to the project page.

Thank you for your support for all of this time, and I love you all. Please continue to support me on my new journey, if you can. I’ll see you at The Mad Writer Project.


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