John Schnatter, Own Up to How You Really Feel

Be repulsed by what I’m about to say. Go ahead and talk about me in any circle that you’re a part of, saying that I’m so vulgar and that I’m race-baiting (a word used by white racists and their sympathizers). In fact, remove me from your social media, if you want. It won’t make me cry at night. It definitely won’t distract from the point I’m trying to make.

When I heard about Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, using the word “nigger” in a conversation, I honestly wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t even blown away. Hell, Paula Deen said it a while ago. He’s hardly the only white person who has said the word “nigger” when talking about anyone of color.

In fact, I was almost expecting it when he made his comments about his pizza sales went down last year, blaming it on the NFL protests and how the NFL owners handled it. I was waiting for it so patiently.

To be fair, I’ve never really been a fan of Papa John’s pizza. To me, it was too sweet, and it was always my choice of last resort. I would’ve eaten a frozen pizza from the grocery store before I ate Papa John’s (don’t knock DiGiorno). I can’t even tell you when was the last time I had Papa John’s. When I had it, I must have been really hungry.

But I’m not being biased. I’m not going after the almost diabetic taste of Papa John’s pizza, or even how a lot of people say that it’s too soggy. It’s much deeper than that.

When I heard about ol’ John’s “nigger” conversation, I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I was a little dismayed by how the source was trying to say that it probably wasn’t intentional. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I honestly looked at it as another white man showing his true colors. So anyone who knows me would know that I always call a spade a spade; while his comment might have “slipped out”, this is what this fool had in his mind. He’s a product of his environment that somehow got warped.

I’m not making excuses for him. But when I heard that he apologized, I just shook my head. I was like, “Aw, he said saweey. He made a boo-boo. Bullshit!” To be honest, I’m so tired of that shit. It’s fake to me.

I saw someone on Facebook earlier said that they are tired of white people apologizing for calling us niggers (I’m only paraphrasing, and I’m not going to go back to remember what they said word-for-word). They said that instead of apologizing, own up to it. It struck me because I’ve been saying that for years.

Now people will say that if we’re tired of people using the n-word, we should stop using it in our music and our language. Close your eyes at this point if you don’t like cuss words. Muthafucka, please! Black people using the n-word has nothing to do with the mindset of white people who still look at us as fucking monkeys that should’ve been eradicated after slavery was officially declared illegal after the end of the Civil War. So save me that argument. While I using the word “nigga” sparingly in my work and in my everyday conversations because I personally don’t like it myself, I’m not going to fall into that narrative that Black people are the reason the word still exists.

I’m not advocating that white people should go around America calling us niggers (they already do, anyway) because if they run across the wrong “nigger”, they might fuck around and catch a busted grill. But I’m tired of public figures apologizing for saying it. It’s a demonstration of the fucked up world that they’re from, the fact that they never took a minute to see that we’re truly more than just some vile creatures, and the work that still has to be done in order to reach a point where we all can even think about coming to the table to hash all of this out.

The only reason most of them come out publicly and “apologize” is because they’re being forced by their companies and public relations. But to me, I see it as though I know how they really feel, and I know what they really think about me. The true colors come out, and I actually respect them more for that than to give some fake-ass apology for the media to hear and write about. I heard ol’ John stepped down as chairman of the company he founded after he already stepped down as CEO just a few months ago. That seems to be narrative; say something offensive and step down to save face, and to “protect the company”. After so many years, it’s a storyline that’s a little played out at this point.

It’s not going to change their views. It’s not going to change how they really feel. They’re probably at their posh houses and hideaways right now, talking about how those “niggers” got them fired.

Boycott all you want, but it’s still not going to hurt his pockets. After being ousted out of the company that he founded, I’m pretty sure he still owns a significant share. Before people start going around talking about “we should just stop buying from Papa John’s”, I can almost promise you that a majority of people will cross that picket line within an hour, if that long.

Earlier, I said that Paula Deen admitted to saying “nigger” a long time ago. I actually gave her a pass; kind of, sort of; even though I still gave her the side-eye. She grew up in an era and a place that was so common to use that word that it seemed normal. Again, I’m not making excuses for her, but at least she owned up to it, regardless of what her reasons might have been. But ol’ John came up in an era where things should’ve been shifting, although, in reality, we know that it wasn’t quite the case. We’re a product of our environments and it’s up to us to get past that. Clearly, ol’ John didn’t, and he’s not even human enough to own up to it.

But just like how people still eat up Paula Deen’s recipes, people will still eat up Papa John’s.

So while it’s disgusting (and also a product of the current environment; another conversation), just appreciate the fact that at least he said what he really thought about us. Take it how you want.

You can unfriend me now.

Normally I don’t do this, because everyone knows that I retrieve my featured photos from Google or Shutterstock. But I just want to make this really clear. I’m not endorsing John Schnatter, Papa John’s Pizza, or anything affiliated with any of them. I’m also not attempting to slander any of the parties that I addressed in my post. These are my opinions, based off of what I’ve seen. This is covered in the Terms of Conditions of this site, but I really had to make it clear, in case somebody wanted to try to track me down to make ridiculous claims against me. 

Now back to unfriending me.


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