Sunday Night Thoughts: July 8, 2018

It’s another Sunday night here in Atlanta and I’m tired. I got the radio going with the station playing their Sunday slow jams mix, but I’m keeping this a little short because I want to go to bed soon. The last week consisted of traveling, the 4th of July celebrations (which I didn’t do shit since I just got off the road that day), meetings, and the whole nine. So it was a very busy week.

I see this week being a little less hectic but still busy. I got things that I’m planning and putting together, and I hope I can roll out with these things very soon. I’m working on some professional development. But I’m also going to take some downtime. I need to rest.

Overall, last week was very productive. But tonight (I just got back in town a few hours ago), I can’t help but feel my usual Sunday night moods: bored and kind of sad. While I welcome the quietness and inactivity, it’s a little too much for me. I almost wish I could find somewhere to go for a few hours. But I’m just going to go to bed. Take my pharmaceuticals that are designed to shut my brain down and go to bed. Wake up in the morning and go through the week like I’ve been doing.

When I was back in my hometown, Meridian, Tuesday, it was a good time. Some things happened that I can’t talk about, and some weird things happened. I saw more weird shit in 45 minutes on Tuesday night than I probably have in a year. But hanging out with good people reminded me of something that everyone else tells me all the time: I need more friends.

I’m not talking about having an entourage of friends; that’s never been me. But it was cool hanging out with my boy and his homeboy, riding around town, and clowning around. It was a good breakaway for me, considering that I tend to be solitary almost all of the time. There’s not much to do in Meridian on a weeknight, but it was okay. I just kind of wish I had that some small group here.

It’s no secret that I tend to get along better with women than men. I’ve just always been that way. Considering my history, people are stunned when I tell them that the ones I’m cool with are just that: cool people. But it wouldn’t hurt for me to have some homeboys up here, I guess. But I’m not a social butterfly. I tend to meet people at networking events or anything else business-related, so it’s kind of hard to break out of that bubble. I don’t even meet people when I go to my favorite hangouts. Most of the time I’m alone, and if I do talk with people, that’s it. I might pass out a business card or two; otherwise, that’s it.

Maybe that will change as I continue to build my business and network here in Atlanta. I doubt it will happen soon.

Well, I guess I’ll take my bored, depressing ass to bed. Thanks for checking out my latest Sunday Night Thoughts. As always, if I don’t see me post any time during the week, I’ll be right back here around this time next Sunday.

As the featured photo says, good night, Sunday. Good night to everyone as well. Have a great week. Until next time…


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