Sunday Night Thoughts: July 1, 2018

It’s another Sunday here in Atlanta so I’m back at it again. I probably won’t be on this too long tonight, because I need to get some rest. I’m not feeling all the greatest today; I was pretty much confined to the bed most of the day.

Last week was interesting. I got things done. Set up new stuff. I always talked with someone I haven’t talked to in about 20 years, and we weren’t really cool with each other back then. It’s funny how life and the passage of time has a way of changing people and situations. I wouldn’t say that we were enemies back then, but we just didn’t get each other. After talking for almost three hours, we finally reached a point of understanding and connected over some pretty common things. All and all, we are two grown men who experienced life in our own crazy ways and put the past behind us.

I also went through a phase of letting people go. I’m known for having a notoriously small circle, but I have a lot of people I associate with in various levels. I have people in my life who has either been around for a long time or people who I’ve known for a long time, but they re-entered my life and have brought positivity. Then there are people who from time to time, I have to just let go.

While I’m the type of person who wants to be cool with everyone, I’m also not an ass-kisser or somebody who begs people to come and stay. If you want to be cool with me, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. I’m not an attention-seeker and my validation doesn’t come with how many people are in my life, or even who is in my life. So when a few people make the decision to cut ties with me, I didn’t stop them. I let it be.

But I also won’t deal with disrespect, which is what I pointed out to one of these people.

I’m not here to go into my relationships with people. This is not a post about getting rid of people. This is more on my thoughts on my own personal growth, which I’m doing every day.

I said this wasn’t going to be long tonight, and I’m staying true to that. I can barely focus on what I’m trying to write. I’m going to go ahead and get some rest. Have a great week and I’ll be back here later on.


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