Sunday Night Thoughts: June 24, 2018

Well, it’s another Sunday night, the first Sunday since summer officially began and the last Sunday in June. I can tell you that it’s definitely summer; hot and sticky. Boy, I missed the summers in the South (I’m being sarcastic).

I’ve been working on something that I want to share with the world so bad, but I can’t. Everyone by now should know my policy about talking about what I’m working on. So, you’ll find out in due time.

Tonight, I decided to focus on trolls, as in internet trolls. I don’t have them often, but I can imagine that as my work gets more traction around the world, I’ll see them more. This particular troll I discovered today was somebody who I wanted to respond so badly…it was burning in me. He said some things that just didn’t sit well with me, and it was clear that he didn’t even read about me in the bio section of the work. He had an issue with a certain word that I used, the word “fight”. Of all things he could’ve said or had an issue with it, he was bitchy about my use of the word “fight”.

The said work was a repost of one of my earlier articles on, where I described how my hypomanic episodes affect me. It’s one of the most popular articles I’ve written for them, having over 7,000 views and 37 comments. It was reposted on Facebook, and while most people were talking about how they were happy to read the article but it described their feelings and other positive comments, this one particular guy had a bitch fit over my use of the word “fight”. Again, nothing else. Had nothing else to say.

I know that everyone is not going to like my work or understand it. That comes with the territory, and it’s something that I had to accept. So I just blew it off as a guy with nothing better to do with his life except to make an ass show over something that’s really irrelevant. I even ignored what he made a comment about doing something because this is what grown-ups do. Oh, the nerves!

But what brought me to the level of full pissivity was when he responded to someone who was explaining to him how stupid he sounded (my words, not theirs), he said that he’s tired of people using words like that when they’ve never been in harm’s way. Oh, that had me on fire. Apparently, he’s a Navy vet, and spend time in a submarine. This is why I said that it was clear that he didn’t even read my bio that comes with the article because he would’ve seen that I’m an Army vet. Someone explained that it says in my bio that I was former military, but he still looked passed that to explain that it was “constructive criticism”. I wanted to jump and say, “Bitch, please! Do you even know what the fuck are you saying or who the fuck I am?”

I kept myself contained, which is much different from how I would’ve been just a few years ago; although if I was drunk I probably would’ve been a different story. I was a good boy and decided to just walk away. I didn’t want to give my energy into something that wasn’t really worth my time. Again, I know people are not going to always like my work. I know that I’m going to get some negative feedback. You can’t please everybody. In fact, sometimes I actually bank on pissing somebody off with my work, because it means that whether you like it or not, it got to them.

But this wasn’t a point of disliking my work. This was someone who wanted to find something to fuss about because apparently, his life sucked so bad that felt it was important to jump on a forum that’s supposed to help people and give everyone a lesson on language; mainly on the word “fight”. If you’re thinking that this shit is silly to even talk about, imagine how I feel writing about this foolishness. But I wanted to bring this up as a lesson.

There will always be people out there, no matter what you do, that only mission in life is to be miserable and make you miserable with them. I’m taking mental health out of this because mental health doesn’t make you fucked up as a person. Not everything you do can be blamed on a mental illness. It’s that attitude the reason why people with mental health issues are treated like shit in the first place.

In addition to these people who want to make you just as fucked up as they are, there are people who like to do this behind a computer or their phone. I see this all the time; those so-called white patriots who have nothing better to do than to bitch about anything that isn’t white. A black person could do the most positive thing in the world and these white internet trolls will find a way to shit on it. It’s the same thing in this situation.

If I would’ve responded (which I really, really wanted to do), it just would’ve added more negativity to a situation where it wasn’t warranted. As much as he was bitching about people using the word fight, he was actually looking for a fight. I wasn’t going to give him one, especially on a forum that’s supposed to help people. Falling to his level would’ve damaged everything that I’ve been doing on for the last year.

The best thing you can do with trolls is to ignore them. I know it’s easier said than done, but if they aren’t attacking your family or anything in that nature, it’s not even worth responding to. Yes, he put me in a category with people who have never served (and everyone knows how proud I am of my service), but I’m just going to let him sit in that ignorance. Maybe it helps him sleep better at night.

Speaking of sleep, I’m going to close this up, work a little on this top-secret thing, and go to bed. So like always, if I don’t post anytime this week, I’ll be right back here next Sunday.

See y’all later!


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