Sunday Night Thoughts: June 17, 2018

Well, my friends, it’s another Sunday night here in the great metropolis of Atlanta. I was a little stormy a couple of hours ago, but now it’s cloudy. Funny thing: I went to Wal-Mart earlier to get a few things to eat. One of the things I went to get was hot dogs buns. For some reason, everybody in this area decided to have a cookout this weekend, because there was nothing on the shelf. No hot dog buns, no hamburger buns, nothing. I had to settle for the more expensive brand of buns (I’m a little cheap), and there were barely any of that left. Hell, I’m mad but not just because there were no buns. I’m mad because nobody invited me to the cookouts! C’mon, ATL. I know some of y’all read this blog. Hook your boy up! I’m want something fresh off the grill, too.

It’s Father’s Day and for me it’s bittersweet. I never really acknowledge Father’s Day, because my own father figure passed away ten years ago this week. In fact, I hate seeing any reminders of Father’s Day. While I have gotten over the grief a little over the years; after all, it has been ten years; I still have my moments. So I try to avoid stores and social media on this day, even though reminders are still on TV and radio. I can deal with that a little better than the right-in-your-face reminders on Facebook or when I go to the store. I rarely even talk about it, but certain people close to me know the story. I’m just going to leave it there because I don’t want to make this a public thing. If you want to know my story, hit me up.

Enough about that though. Last week was a very tiring week for me. While I did a lot, I also felt a little stagnant. By yesterday, I was a little discouraged. Every once in a while, I question why I’m doing this. Why am I pushing so hard? While I’m known for being resilient and reinventing myself, sometimes it’s a little tiring. I try to stick to a formula that sometimes I have to change. I hate change. After some talks with confidants, both business and personal, I realized that it was probably just a sign of exhaustion and I need to rest. But I can’t. I have a lot to do before I can really take a break. Because I have a couple of things that I want to put out into the world and to do that I have to push myself. I’m just glad that I have a support team…finally.

With that being said, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just readjusting my approach.

I’m not going to stay on here too long tonight. My last few postings have been really long, and I’m really tired tonight. I think tomorrow I’m going to take a little break for myself and just lie in the bed all day. Then again, I’ll probably do that till tomorrow evening, and spend all night in the office like I normally do anyway, while fighting off the medication that I take to numb my mind and put me to sleep. That’s usually my routine because those are the times I can write or work on business stuff. But I’m going to really try to get some rest tomorrow. We’ll see.

As always, thanks for reading this post. If you just discovered this blog, you haven’t seen anything, yet. Read some of my past stuff and wait for future postings; you never know what might come out of my head. So if you don’t see me post anytime this week, stay posted for another iteration of my “Sunday Night Thoughts” next week.

Have a great week.


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