Maybe I Need to Write a Book

I’ve been looking over my catalog of work and I realized that the last time I wrote a book was around 2015. I have tons of unfinished material, including a play that’s completed, but needs a complete revision because the point of the story changed. But I haven’t commercially written a book since 2015.

To be honest, I haven’t felt like writing one. While I’m willing to help people write theirs without writing it for them, with the notable exception of writing short e-books on a case-by-case basis, I haven’t had that devotion to writing one. I haven’t felt that drive since 2015, and even then it was a challenge. Because of that writing challenge, I became more interested in writing novellas than full novels. I lost my interest in book writing around 2012. During that time, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to write again, so I focused on school and my stint in real estate. 2013 was a revival, but my passion changed to going back to my roots: scriptwriting.

I’m talking about this now because lately I’ve been approached by people who either want me to help them write a book or asking when will the next JB Burrage book is coming out. Some people still classify me as an author, which irritates me. When people ask me (or strongly suggest) to write a book, specifically my own, it almost makes me cringe. This doesn’t really count for the people who want my input in book writing or wants me to write an e-book for them, but more so for my own book writing efforts.

If you’ve been following me over the last few years, you would notice that my energy has been focused more towards playwriting and article writing. But I’m not going to lie, I have been thinking about writing a new book. Despite my feelings towards book writing (and the book industry in general; another topic for another day), I never dismissed the idea of writing a book. I never said that I won’t do it again. I just don’t have the drive right now to write my own book.

But that could change soon.

It’s been almost three years since I wrote a book. It might be time for me to come back. But I don’t know about other writers, but for me, book writing can’t be forced. I feel that way about any art. By then, it becomes more of a factory-like situation, and it becomes more about quantity than quality. So I have nothing against the authors who can churn out four or five books a year. But that’s not me, and never was, even though I’ve been known to write several projects almost simultaneously (I did that in 2015 when I wrote A Summer Vacation with the Clarks and Mr. Braxton’s House within a month; it took me about a week to write Mr. Braxton’s House and started it within days of the completion of A Summer Vacation.)

But let it be known, the next JB Burrage book will probably not be a novel. I have fallen in love with writing novellas because they are like quick punches. So don’t expect the great big novel (my novel wasn’t a huge novel in the first place), but expect something that would be a quick but entertaining read. While not ruling it out, I think my days of writing novels are done.

I’m also not telling you when it will happen because I don’t even know. Besides, I don’t like talking about what I’m working on (which for some reason pisses some of my friends off) until it’s near completion or I’m about to start the promotion. That’s because I’ve learned my lessons in doing that. Some people might remember me talking about The Forbidden Lounge for years; as of 2012, the draft it probably less than 50 percent completed. I haven’t worked on it in about six years. Even though it wasn’t completed (it was probably about ten or twenty percent on paper at the time), I spent a good part of 2010 and 2011 talking about it; I even had the cover designed for it, and a trailer that I created myself that I blasted on YouTube.

After that experience, I’ve made it a policy not to talk about what I’m working on till it’s ready. The only one who would know would be anybody who I work with inside my company, and even they would have limited information. I just don’t want to jinx things. So to the people who get pissed off because I don’t talk about what I’m working on, sorry but not sorry. It’s part of my business and creative strategy.

I will also not talk about what the next book will be about. I have a bunch of ideas on what I want to write about but haven’t committed to anything.

If I haven’t gotten under your skin, yet, here’s something else. I don’t even know if I will release it as an e-book, printed book, or both. The final kicker: Because I’m controlling my own publishing, there’s no telling what part of the world it would be released in, meaning that it’s possible it won’t even be available in the United States. You might think it’s stupid to do that, but I’m looking at all of my options and how they would benefit me and my brand. Some people forget or don’t realize that there’s more to a book than just writing it. It’s a whole business situation. Plus, I just like being an asshole.

Of course, I’m just telling you these things because I want you to know that as long as it makes sense and as long as I can feel free doing it, I will do whatever I want.

Just know that I’ve realized that it’s time to write another JB Burrage book because it has been a long time. A really long time. I think it’s time to remind people of what I can do.

All I just ask is for people not to rush or pressure me. It will come in its own time.

I will have another surprise for everyone within a few months, this it’s in relation to how people will directly work with me. I’m thinking about coming out with it this fall (I just love going stuff in the fall for some reason).

Unless I feel random, the next time you’ll hear from me will be Sunday evening with my Sunday Night Thoughts. See you then!


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