Roseanne, You’re Fired!

I woke up this morning kind of late because I went to sleep around 4 AM. I was working on some things on the website, trying to make it more efficient after the layout change. The first thing I saw was an alert on my phone from CNN that Roseanne apologized for her rants and said that she was leaving Twitter. I didn’t really pay it much attention; Roseanne has always been known for talking out her ass, only to walk it back and say that she was joking. I was still a little sleepy, so even though it was kind of late, I rolled over and went back to sleep (the beauty of being a writer who works from home, though it can also be a curse…like last night).

I wasn’t till I got up later in the day and came into the office to do some work when I saw that I saw just what exactly this woman has done, and how it cost her; her signature  show, which returned years after its series finale and brought in huge rating and was renewed for a second season, had been canceled.

I used to love Roseanne, but I stopped watching it when my interest turned towards doing more teenager stuff and because I also saw that the quality of the show was going down. After catching up to them thanks to TV Land, I saw that I didn’t miss a whole lot. But I really liked the earlier seasons, so when I found out that it was being rebooted, I was kind of excited. I wasn’t jumping through the roof or anything, because I’m not a big fan of this new trend of rebooting shows, but I was glad that it was coming back.

I was one of those 18 million viewers who saw the premiere, and even though it was good for bringing things to the forefront (DJ’s black child and Darlene’s son who liked dresses); something the show was known for in its past, I was a little disillusioned by the Trump praising, though it was also ironic because Dan and Roseanne could barely afford their medicines; which was a lot. Roseanne’s character, in which the real Roseanne doesn’t hide her support for Trump, might as well had a shrine for him. While I thought it was a decent premiere, I said it would be my last time watching it, because I didn’t want to have Trump forced down my throat every week. I haven’t watched an episode since then.

The argument was it represented how the middle class voted for Trump after eight years of Obama, and I thought that was a very valid argument that I agreed with. But just like how people who hated Obama didn’t like Obama being forced on them, I don’t want Trump forced on me. I’m assaulted by Trump’s foolery every day. But that’s how I feel, and I’m entitled to that. Just as much as anyone is free to support Trump, even if I do think they are either idiots, disillusioned, or just blind (strictly my opinion).

But I was pretty disgusted when I saw why she was blowing up the internet today, and why ABC canceled her show. Her racist and Islamophobic tweet (yes, I considered it Islamophobic, even if the media didn’t claim it), and her use of the Nazis, as well as other pretty stupid things she said, was uncalled for. It was low, even for her; this woman has said some pretty outlandish bullshit throughout her entire career. While I’m not necessarily surprised at the things she said, I was still had to pull back a little and say, “Whoa!”

No matter what was the reason why ABC quickly canceled Roseanne (whether you think it was for moral reasons or to save face); which by the way, it’s kind of stupid to call a black woman an ape when your network boss happens to be a black woman, I think it was a smart move. I’ve seen some people say that they should’ve just fired her and kept the show because they’re punishing the entire cast for something that one person did or said. I made that argument in the regards of the Cosby Show, because even though I think what he did was disgusting (I don’t believe all of his accusers, but when you have a whole bunch of people saying the same thing, one of them can’t be lying, so yes, I believe Bill did what they accused him of doing; sorry), I did think it was unfair to pull the whole series off of all networks because of what he did, because they were punishing the cast; the cast had nothing to do with his crimes. But I agree with the quick decision of ABC pulling Roseanne. What’s the difference?

For one, an episode of the Cosby Show hasn’t been made in decades, and they’re definitely not rebooting it now, even if it was on the table (I don’t think it ever was). The Cosby Show was probably bringing in residuals for the main characters (I’m not familiar with any of the cast’s contracts, so I’m stating this based on what I know about most shows that goes into syndication). Two, I didn’t agree with them pulling the Cosby Show off the air and not 7th Heaven, where its lead character allegedly admitted on tape he molested a young girl (, October 2014). Is that show still in syndication? I never watched it, so I didn’t keep up with it after I heard about how it was still on the air at the time. My argument was if you’re going to pull one off the air for his crimes against women, you should follow suit and pull the other one off the air for his crimes against a CHILD!!! What happened to that guy anyway? Feel free to comment and tell me if he’s still walking among the free world or in a jail cell. I could just as easily look it up, but I don’t want to, mostly because I’m starting to drift away from my original point.

Third, and my main reason to why I agree with ABC’s decision to pull the show off of the air rather than just fire Roseanne is that I honestly believe that the show would’ve sunk anyway. The cast was turning distancing themselves from her, with one cast member saying she was going to quick anyway before the news that the show was canned came out. Key people, like the hilarious Wanda Sykes, who served as a consulting producer, were leaving. Even if you wanted to use the save face argument, advertisers definitely weren’t going to pump their money into the show. Roseanne was a ship that struck an iceberg, caught on fire, and was sinking fast. Also, Roseanne was the face of the show. Without her, there’s no Roseanne. It wasn’t as simple as removing Dan or Darlene and moving on. She was the show, Trump-idolizing and all.

I’m not going to say that this is another product of the hatred and bigotry of the Trump administration. I’ll save that for another post because I’m sure something like this will come up again within the next few days or weeks. What I will say, in conclusion, if we’re going to continue to survive as a society, we have to continue to shun away from such intolerance. Free speech is one thing, but this isn’t free speech. This is another example of someone with a big platform, using it to inflame, confuse, and incite their followers. This is an abuse of the platform, and we need to call them out on it, no matter who it is. Our society and our institutions is a product of what we are as a people, so we must do what’s right to make sure they serve as positive examples of what we are and strive to be.

With that being said, in the words of Donald Trump: Roseanne, you’re fired!

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