Sunday Night Thoughts: May 6, 2018

Well, I decided just yesterday that I was going to go ahead and start a series, called Sunday Night Thoughts. This is still developing, so some it might seem a little random at first. While The Diary of a Mad Writer is used to talk about various things, I want to use this series to kind of hone in on a certain thing; except, in this case, it will revolve around Sundays. Sunday evenings tend to be a little depressing for me, so in a way, this is a little bit of therapy. As it gets popular, I’ll start taking suggestions from my subscribers and possibly expand into a vlog. But this is the beta test, so to speak. So let’s get this show on the road and see how it goes.

Sunday night…another one in Atlanta. Today was actually pretty nice. I got my day started late (like usual), but it’s been kind of relaxing for the most part. I’ve spent the last couple of hours catching up on missed episodes of Empire. Now I’m sitting in my office, drinking some brandy.

Slow jams are playing, like always around this time. The kind of stuff that makes you want to grab that special somebody and just lay up under them (dance or make love, whichever your situation).

I’m going to talk about slow jams, especially the real old school. Someone asked me the other day who are my top five artists, and I couldn’t answer because it was tough. However, it would probably be an old-school list. When I was a kid, when I had too much sweet tea on Sunday, I would stay up till really late…knowing damn well that I had school the next day. Everybody in Meridian remembers T-91, which was the most popular radio station in those days. Around midnight was when the music from the 70s and 80s were playing, and I would just lay in the bed and listen. I didn’t know who the hell these artists were, or even the names of the songs, but I would still just listen. Eventually, I would fall to sleep, but not without staying up for hours listening to these songs.

That has always stuck with me. That’s probably why these days I can’t sleep without the TV, radio, or both. The sounds used to relax me, and now I hate complete silence when I’m trying to sleep. They also helped me get through the rest of Sunday into Monday.

Today, we can just go to our favorite music streaming app or go to YouTube to find our favorite music. You can even tune into apps like iHeartRadio. But it’s something about the radio–FM or AM radio–that just does something for me. Something about when the station throws it back to the early 90s and before that just brings back a little bit of nostalgia. Call me old or a dinosaur, but that’s just what I miss about growing up.

So my first somewhat official post on in the Sunday Night Thoughts series wasn’t explosive and full of controversial. But they are a reflection of my thoughts. My hope with these posts is that they will be thought-provoking, but also to get anyone too hyped up. After all, it’s Sunday. But we’ll see the direction of these series as it evolves.

So with that, I’m closing this up because I got some more music and brandy to indulge in. See you around the blogosphere.

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