I Had to Let It Go…Again

I had to make a decision a few days ago. I had to let go someone who I considered a good friend. Now, this individual might say that they made the decision. However, we both knew it was a done deal, and I made up my mind to let it go minutes before the ugly good-bye was said.

This is not a post to put anyone on blast, so I don’t want anyone, including this individual, coming back to me saying that I’m attacking them. But I have to say that I will not take disrespect from anyone, no matter who it is. I will not allow anyone to get away with judging me, especially when they have skeletons themselves. I will not tolerate anyone using my words against me, and I definitely won’t let anyone tell me how to live my life when their own lives are not in order.

Even though it’s almost 3:00 in the morning here in Atlanta, this happened a few days ago. I was already not feeling the best, but instead of respecting the fact I didn’t want to go into details, it turned into an all-out battle.

Again, this isn’t a post to put anyone on blast. It’s more of a late night rant than anything, and anyone who is a follower of this blog knows that I use this blog to voice my mind; no matter how random it is.

I was angry and a little bit hurt. That’s right, even the stoic JB Burrage can feel a little hurt sometimes. Did it ruin my world? No. People come, people go. Life goes on. If I was going to get hurt over everyone that leaves my life or that I cut off, I wouldn’t be able to live. But I did spend the night drinking some cheap brandy and some Haitian rum. Yeah, yeah, I have bipolar and I’m on meds. I shouldn’t be drinking. So what? Not like I got plastered beyond recognition, and it’s not like I don’t know how to handle my liquor and meds. But for your information, I never mix alcohol with meds.

In a way, I’m kind of glad it happened. I got a chance to see someone’s true colors, and much like they said that maybe we weren’t a good fit as friends, I felt the same. I don’t need the negativity and the individual don’t either. I only wish them the best.

You will always encounter people in your life that turns out to only be needed for the time being. Some people would say that some people are only good for a season, while others are good for a lifetime. I think that’s true. Something I’ve realized so many times in the 30-plus years I’ve been on this earth.

Letting go of things–of people–is never easy, but it has to be done sometimes. I’m still in the process of letting go after a tragic event months ago (if you’ve been following me, I gave very brief details on it), and that particular thing hurts like hell. But this little thing–this fall-out that occurred days ago–is something that it’s not important to hold on to. I had to let it go, and I did.

Take care, my friends. I’ll see you around the blogosphere.


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