Why Vain People Are Irritating

First of all, I want to tell everyone that allergy season is beating my ass. I’m almost afraid to step outside because I don’t want to be caught in the middle of a tree orgy hosted by nature. Check out the meme that I posted on Facebook this week:

Me in the Spring Meme

That’s exactly how the hell I feel, except I’m not swollen. But with gritty eyes and walking around town sniffing every five seconds like I’ve been snorting powder, I might as well be swollen (no, I DO NOT do drugs).

For those who don’t have to deal with season allergies, I hate you! Just kidding. I’m just a little envious.

But I’m not here to bitch about my fight against pollen, which I’m losing pretty bad right now. I do have other stuff that I want to talk about because I know y’all miss me so much. Welcome to another rant session of JB Burrage.

I’ve realized that some people either suck or just annoying. I realize that every single day, but I’ve been especially noticing this as 2018 continues to chug along. While I’ve met some really cool people this year, some people are just a pain in the ass. For one, I keep running into some of the vainest people I’ve ever encountered. While I can be an arrogant guy and sometimes a little cocky, I’ve never considered myself to be vain. I get annoyed when I deal with people who are oozing with vanity.

Some of the people who I know who I consider vain have a way of making comments about themselves in a way that comes off as though they are putting other people down, whether it’s their intentions or not. These same people also have little self-esteem. Some of these people even come off as bullies.

Again, I can be an arrogant guy, so people might wonder what’s the difference. Well, I don’t walk around like my shit doesn’t stank. I actually wouldn’t call myself arrogant, but I’m just confident. Vanity is not confidence. It’s an attempt to create or hide behind a facade, and not living in your truth. When you can’t (or won’t) live in your truth, it can be self-destructive. Vanity is a demonstration that you’re lacking so much confidence, that you would find any reason to tear someone else down and tear yourself down in the process. It’s a poison that’s contaminating your soul and the world around you.


It does affect me, although it shouldn’t. But it affects me because sometimes it becomes too much for me to deal with. It’s one of the reasons I can be anti-social, locked in my world where I’m either writing or confined to my room due to a super-medicated sleep. I can tolerate a lot of bullshit, but sometimes I need a break. I get tired of hearing and seeing day in and day out people’s vanity issues. While I do consider myself a good listener (I listen more than I talk), the vanity mess can get a little overwhelming. I simply have to cut myself off. It’s not good for my psyche.

So for all of the people who will take the time to read this post, I hope this makes sense, and I hope you take something from this message. I hope somebody understands. If not, oh well, I guess. I can’t change the world.

I’m about to enjoy my Friday night and find something on television. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Until next time…

P.S.-Keep following my work and my social media. I haven’t been active on social media lately (I know, when am I ever am), but I have some things coming up soon. I’m going to spend the next few weeks catching up on some work that I fell behind one because I need to put some change in my pocket to feed my appetite. Another post on bphope.com will also be coming soon. I will also be around the Atlanta area a little more often, rubbing elbows and building connections to build up my business and brand. So keep following me. As always, if you want to work with me or simply say hi, go to my Contact page and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Also, feel free to like and comment on any of my posts. I love your feedback.

I’m out for real. Later…

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