I Took a Break and It Won’t Be My Last

I’m pretty sure some of you have noticed that I’ve been noticeably absent over the last month and a half. I took a break from my work, because of some tragic events that happened in January. I will talk about them later.

While I haven’t been writing, I have been working on behind-the-scenes by attending networking events and talking with various people who want to help out with expanding my business. Other than that, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between depression, hypomania, and mixed episodes. I had to take a break from the world, even though I still was online.

In these last couple of months, I have come to have yet another realization of who my friends and family are. I have realized once again who really has my back and who doesn’t. I’ve seen again who wants to truly work with me and be associated with me, and who is only talk and looking to drain me. I’ve learned a lot. It’s disappointing, but yet it’s eye-opening, but I’m grateful for the people who either stuck with me or came into my life during the storm.

While I’m not here to say that I’m going to be releasing great content every single day (in fact, I’m more interested in writing a few pieces throughout the year and build business), I’m still around. This will not be the last time I step away from the scene; I have to take breaks. My health and overall stability matter more over anything.

It does feel good to get back into the writing because it’s something that I love to do. I love being in the mix of business because sometimes it’s like a high. After all, I studied business.

As I just said, this won’t be the last time I will go on break. It’s important that I step away from the scene for a little while. What I will work on, though, is how long I stay away. It’s important that I don’t stay away for too long because I don’t want people forgetting about what I do and what I have out there.

I’m not fully back, but I’m coming back. I’m still on track to making this an explosive year for my work and for my business.

Till later…

P.S.- My latest article, and the first article since January, posted yesterday on bphope.com. It’s called “Navigating through Grief While Dealing with Bipolar Disorder“. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “I Took a Break and It Won’t Be My Last

  1. I saw your article, and I’d like to thank you very much for it. I have bipolar disorder, and I lost my father in August. My mother passed away on 11/11/11, and I’ve been struggling with it. I keep feeling like I’m not “recovering” fast enough, getting used to the new world of being a parentless “soon enough”, and a lot of other “enough”. Your words reminded me that maybe I am enough, just like other people whose struggle isn’t visible to the eye. Thank you so much.

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    1. Thanks for your message and you’re welcome. I’m sorry for the loss of your parents. What I realized over the years that there’s no such thing as recovering fast enough, especially when you throw bipolar disorder or any other mental disorder in the mix. You’re more than enough, and even though it’s not easy, it slowly becomes more manageable. Take your time and don’t let anyone or anything tell you that there’s a timeline to heal. You got this. Thanks for liking mypost and not being too scared off from my blog…LOL!


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