New Name, Same Mission

Greetings, ladies and gents! Did you miss me? I know it has been a while since I have written to you all. It’s been pretty rough lately, as I had been dealing with (and still am) a personal tragedy. I stepped away from my work for a little bit while I took the time to process it all. I won’t use this post to talk about it now, but I’ll probably address it very soon. Just know that it’s very tragic.

Not long ago, I said that I was changing the name of The JB Burrage Agency. Well…it’s official. It’s now Phoenix Endeavors, Inc. You can even check out the new logo in the featured picture.

This reflects yet another chapter in my life and in my business. The mission is still the same, but the name is about the transformations I have gone through in my life. I can’t take the credit for coming up with the name, though (my management team suggested it). But it’s a name that I have a very personal connection to it.

Yeah, I know. Some people would just say that it’s only a name. But because it’s also symbolic of how everyone goes through their own Phoenix moment (I’ve been saying this all day), it’s more than just a name used for a small company.

Just as excited as I am about the new name, I also have to be cautious because I’m not necessarily promoting the company. Rather, the company is for the purpose of promoting me and helping keep my work and projects organized. So don’t expect to see the logo of Phoenix Endeavors plastered everywhere anytime soon. Rather, expect to see my beautiful face and my work.

I haven’t done much work over the last few days, but I’ll be back at work soon. I got a couple of projects to complete, and I must have them finished soon. But I haven’t disappeared.  I’m still here. I will always be here.

Until later…

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