Phoenix Rising

It’s almost 3 AM here in the ATL and my ass still haven’t been to sleep. Well…I kind of went to sleep for about an hour, but it wasn’t comfortable. But as I write, my favorite candy is slowly starting to take over my body, so hopefully, I’ll be out in about thirty minutes.

As a lot of people know, my birthday weekend just passed, with my birthday being on the 13th. It was a surprisingly wonderful weekend. I got a chance to spend time with friends and family throughout the entire weekend. It was the best birthday I’ve had in a while.

During the weekend, I made some small changes that most people wouldn’t have noticed immediately. The biggest change is that the blog is no longer called The Black Box Room. I felt like it never really fit the direction of the blog. For that reason, I changed it to The Diary of a Mad Writer. I thought it was more fitting, But don’t worry; The Black Box Room will be back in a completely different format.

Also, I decided to change the name of my company from The JB Burrage Agency to Phoenix Endeavors. I thought it was more feeling because of the story of the rising of the Phoenix, and that’s pretty much been my life over the years.

More changes are coming throughout of my career and the business, with me signing to a new management company that would be a great fit for me and my direction.

Well, I wanted to write more besides informational shit, but these pills are finally kicking in. So before I find myself drooling over the computer, I will get off But I’ll be back. I promise.

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