What’s On Your Mind, JB?

I just looked at my blog and realized the last time I wrote to you was November 27, when I talked about why I removed book services from my list of main services. I was even late in sending my last post off to bphope.com. I’ve been slipping.

I’ve been going hard trying to get things ready for business, but lately, I’ve been really tired. With Christmas fast approaching and still kind of in recovery from two back-to-back bipolar episodes earlier this season, I’m really feeling it.

During this time; however, I was blessed to have my first feature article done on me since about seven years, done by a local online magazine here in Atlanta called VoyageATL (read the article here).

I’ve also been working with a travel company, called Arrivedo, thus starting my travel writing business. So despite my absence, I’ve been working.

Christmas is fast approaching, and I can’t believe it. With that also means the conclusion of 2017 is also fast approaching. This year has been such a whirlwind. It started out okay then turned stressful really fast, but ending with some of the most positivity I’ve experienced in quite a while. It has been a year of huge leaps and exposure. But that doesn’t take away from my fears, which I’m trying to overcome. It hasn’t been my cure-all year; nothing ever will, but as the year is closing, at least I’m standing.

Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year because I like the whole festive mood. But I’m not a fan of Christmas day because to me it’s all over. I usually feel a little down afterward till New Year’s, after that, I tend to feel down again till my birthday, probably because the idea of approaching another year in age now intimidates me. I know, people will say it shouldn’t. Older people will tell me that I’m too young to be like that while others will be you should be blessed that you’re seeing another year. The older people’s advice is a little hypocritical to me because they were once in my shoes. Saying I should feel blessed is like a jab to the eye because I do feel blessed to see another year. That’s not the problem. The problem for me is that I’m now over a threshold, and it reminds me that my youth and time is slipping away, albeit slowly. So, I look forward to my birthday once it’s here, but not the days before or after.

But in the meanwhile, I will continue to work. I will continue to bring you cool, smart-ass comments and posts that some of you have become accustomed to. I will continue to create crazy and amazing projects because it’s what I love to do.

Until the next post…


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