Why I Removed Book Writing Services from My List of Services

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I made some subtle changes to this site. One of the changes I made was removing my book writing services sub-page. I didn’t tell many people about it, and out of the very few people I told, only about two knew why. I’m I’m making it public now.

It wasn’t a hard decision to make. I’m still going to offer it, but not as one of the main services. I’m currently working on one book project I was contracted, so obviously I didn’t completely turn my back on it. I will do a good job on this project. But I decided to use this service very sparingly.

My passion for book writing has dwindled over the last few years, largely because I want to focus more on playwriting and scriptwriting, which is how I started writing in the first place. A lot of you who have followed me know that about me. But for a while, I was completely turned off by the idea of writing a book, because I wasn’t too happy with the current climate of the book writing world; it’s so much different from when I first stepped into it in 2005. I was so turned off by it that I said I would eventually stop writing books altogether. While I can’t say now that I will completely stop, I will say that my focus is not 100 percent in being an author. If you’ve noticed, I don’t even label myself as anything other than a writer or creative writer, more often a creative writer. That’s because I wanted to be recognized as a versatile writer, not simply an author or playwright. I even got irritated when people started addressing me as an author because it was like they totally ignored that I do other things besides write books.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to help people. If you go through my site, you will see that I will eventually start assisting people who are interested in self-publishing, because I’ve learned a lot from my own experiences. But as far as writing books for other people, it’s something that I know I can only provide on a case-by-case basis, and when I say that I mean probably no more than one or two a year.

Another reason I decided to take it away from my main services is that I plan on writing a book or two for myself within the next 18 months. I also plan on writing a play soon, something that I haven’t done since 2015; it’s a long time coming. Taking on too many book writing projects would prevent me from doing that. Luckily, the project I’m currently contracted to is a small one, so while it’s a difficult to write about, it’s doable.

Finally, I have been blessed enough to come across several confirmed and potential projects over the last couple of weeks, ever since I announced the official incorporation of The JB Burrage Agency. This was done without marketing or fanfare; just doing some searches, following recommendations, and a whole lot of outreaching. I’m not officially announcing my services to the world until early next year, but if I’m already getting the attention I’m getting with barely a peep, imagine what will come through when I officially go public.

I’m not turning away from book writing, and I’m not turning away book writing for clients. I’m very excited about this project I’m working on now, and I’m hoping to secure another one very soon. All I’m saying is that it’s something that I won’t do as often. When I made the decision, I had to look at many factors, including my time availability, profitability, and my health. While I’m welcoming the opportunity to work my ass off, I know I have to be careful not to overextend myself.

So with that being said, look out for my work in 2018. If you’re interested in working with me, just simply review the rest of the site or go to my Booking page.

Have a great week!

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