It’s Thanksgiving: I’m Out!

It’s Thanksgiving 2017, that time of the year again where people overstuff themselves with turkey and dressing, watch football, and get ready for that craziness called Black Friday (which I think is unbelievably insane). With that starts the beginning of the Christmas season, where people spend every bit of money they have for gifts that will either be returned by the next week or destroyed or collecting dust by April.

Either way, I hope everyone who reads my blog or follow me throughout the internet have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May your bellies be full, but also don’t forget the meaning of the day…to be thankful for every blessing you have in your life.

This year has been very interesting for me. I’ve had extreme ups and downs, with everything from bipolar episodes to personal affairs. I’ve seen some downfalls, but more importantly, I’ve seen a lot of success. The simple fact that I’m communicating with you with this entry is a demonstration of the successes I’ve seen this year.

Since my quick-made decision to form The JB Burrage Agency last month and the official incorporation over a week ago, I’ve been out-of-this-world busy. For example, I was up at 3:30 this morning, talking with someone about a possible international deal. I’ve been networking with people throughout the world, and I haven’t even done a serious marketing push, yet. I’ve run into some duds, which is expected with any business, especially if it’s new. But I also came across some very promising deals, which I will talk more about after the Thanksgiving break.

That being said, I’m giving myself a break for this holiday. After this afternoon, I’m not doing anything until Monday. While I will probably work on my next piece for and answer a few emails, I don’t plan on doing any kind of business until Monday.

Thanksgiving is usually a pretty depressing day for me (I’ve had hypomanic Thanksgivings, too, such as when I wrote my book in 2006), but I feel great about this one, and the upcoming last few weeks of the year. I’ve been through the fire this year, and despite the burns, I’m coming through pretty well. Every year will always be some kind of drama, but through it all, I’m thankful because I learned from them. Without them, I wouldn’t be here still. Without them, I couldn’t build on the success that I’m seeking to have.

So again, have a blessed Thanksgiving. I’m out!

P.S.-I hope you enjoy the new layout of the site. We worked for hours on this, and I’m sure I pissed my designing partner off a couple of times. And also, yes, I did change the subtitle to “The Diary of a Mad Writer.” I thought it was cool and appropriate.

5 thoughts on “It’s Thanksgiving: I’m Out!

      1. I absolutely love the subtitle and am jealous that I didn’t think of it first! Enjoying what I’ve read so far and your openness about the battles with bipolar disorder. Courageous yet ingenious! Anyone seeking out your writing talents knows this up front and can say “Bipolar disorder? Eh. So what? The dude’s good!” Challenging stigma (and using humor to do so) and showing that those of us with brain cooties can and do create and create well!


  1. I’m hoping this isn’t a duplicate post. Anyway, I want to let you know I absolutely love your subtitle! Ingenious with a nice sly poke at the whole bipolar issue. And thanks for being so open about your bipolar disorder. Great way to battle stigma. Potential clients know up front and can simply say “Bipolar? Eh. Who cares? The dude can write!” Keep on keeping on.


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