It’s Official!

An interesting year and one crazy morning a few weeks ago later, I have officially received the paperwork for my business entity, The JB Burrage Agency, Inc. There’s still work to do before it’s fully solid; otherwise, everything is in place. All my work from this point forward will be coordinated through this company.

I’m a little more excited than I’m usually am. In fact, I normally wouldn’t screenshot a copy of my state paperwork, especially since it’s public knowledge. But this is a huge step for me. After many delays and changes, I’m finally getting close to doing what I’ve been planning since earlier this year. 2018 looks to be a very interesting and productive ride, as I bring in business and develop projects, all under The JB Burrage Agency banner.

The JB Burrage Agency Logo
The JB Burrage Agency’s Logo

It’s not going to be easy, as I keep finding out over and over. But if it was always going to be easy, then it wouldn’t be worth working for. I have challenges still, which is why I decided to make this a home business, doing something that I love. That doesn’t mean that I will be at home all day, but as I explained in a previous post and on, it’s best for me because it allows flexibility. It also allows me to use my business management degree, something that I’m very proud of. But with all of this going on, it’s exciting and scary at the same time.

It’s scary because I always have a fear of failure, even though I have accomplished so much and fought through so much fear in my life. In a way, I formed this so I would have no choice but to face that fear and accept it; after all, my name is in it. My work, passion, and reputation ride on this.

So, here I am. Getting ready to go into the world of self-employment. As an enterprising artist, you’re always in business, so you’re always considered self-employed. But it’s different this time. I’m providing more, testing myself in ways that I’ve never done before, making success even more crucial. I’m nervous about this. But I’m ready.

Stay posted to the site. I will be available for work very soon.

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