Why I Don’t Like People

I’ve been creating my services that I’m going to offer through 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC over the last few days, and I think it’s going to be great. Some of the things I plan on offer include blog and article writing, self-publishing assistance, and book and play writing assistance. I’ve spent the last week putting these things together, and I hope to have all of my service packages put together in about two weeks.

But I’m not here to talk about business. This is really a random post with no particular meaning, but somewhere along I’m sure it’s going to gel. Besides, you know I like to rant sometimes. Well here’s the latest JB Burrage rant, and you will either laugh, cry, or be pissed at me. Last night, I was feeling a little perturb (because I can’t call it pissed off because it wasn’t that serious) because of a few words that were went over someone’s head. I’m not going to go into details about who, what, when, why, or how. I even understand, to a certain extent, of why I got the response I received. But anyone who knows me should know that I’m a very literal person, I’m really big on the delivery of a message, and quite frankly, you should problem check your wording and tone before communicating with me; whether it’s by text or by voice. As a writer, I analyze words and methods of communications regularly. Do I over-analyze? Yes, sometimes I do. But, oh well.

Then later, I had a very good conversation with someone who follows my work. Again, I’m not going to go into details about who, what, when, why, or how. But it took me out of that slightly dark moment. I want to thank this person for the conversation. It was very funny, informative, and interesting. I like when people provide me with conversations like that. It gives me some hope in humanity.

I admit, I really don’t like talking to people. I talk to most people because I don’t have a choice. Sounds a little fucked up, but it’s the truth. Doesn’t mean that I don’t like people; well, in a way I don’t. I just don’t always feel like dealing with people. People irritates the living hell out of me, and some cases trigger my anxiety or bipolar episodes. To all the people who are thinking I’m talking some real fucked up and hurtful shit right now, you know damn well you feel the same. I’m saying what you’re afraid to say. Don’t worry, I got you. Here are some reasons why I don’t feel like dealing with people:

  • While I can sit in a room with you and barely say a single word to you and be perfectly fine, when you’re in my space and all you do is huff and puff, and spend more time acknowledging everything else than acknowledging my existence, you’re wasting my time. Seriously, why the fuck are we breathing the same air and occupying each other’s time? Do you know what I could be doing? Not looking at your idiotic ass. It’s not the silence that bothers me. It’s the huffing and puffing while not acknowledging my existence that bothers me.
  • Feeling the need to “school” me about certain things, such as life or how to deal with my own life. Get your own life and go to your own school.
  • People who think they know everything about everything, because they lived longer than me, but still don’t know shit about shit. Shut the fuck up and sit down.
  • Feeling “woke”, when just last week you couldn’t even tell me who’s your mayor. Get educated first before you come to me claiming you’re woke.
  • You’re “bad and boujee” or a “street nigga” (yes, I said nigga. Deal with it) all week, but on Sunday you become Facebook preachers, first ladies, and saints. Get your own relationship with God worked out before you try to tell me or anyone else to build out relationship with Him.
  • You’re a Trump supporter and a white “nationalist”, and you’re mad because a majority of people want to see the Confederate flag taken down. Listen, you backwoods ass clown: The Confederacy is lost. Get over it. Quoting the words of the song from Frozen, “Let it go!”

I can go on and on, but I’m tired. Don’t take what I said about not liking to talk to people the wrong way. There are people I’m happy to talk to, and sometimes hearing from them helps me maintain sanity. It’s everyday people who irritates the shit out of me.

You might ask, “How are you going to be a successful businessman if you don’t like dealing with people?” Again, there are people I’m happy to talk to. I’m especially happy to talk to people who wants to work with me. Some of my best relationships in the last few years have been through business.

Before anyone hit me up asking if I’m upset and what’s wrong, I’m actually not mad. I just wanted to let a few words flow. It just happened to be about some dislikes of mine.

That being said, have a great day.

One thought on “Why I Don’t Like People

  1. Good post 😉 Sometimes you just need to rant, which I think I’m about to do. You have talked about your insomnia and sleep issues before, I couldn’t find that post though, but when someone tells you when you should sleep and take care of your business at a specific time ..thats when I hate people !

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