New Business; Rebirth

With the success of my entries on and my own motivational drive, I figured it’s time I make my announcement of what I’ve been doing. If anyone has been paying attention to changes made on this website over the last couple of days, they would’ve noticed that something called 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC. It had its own page, but now it’s a sub-page under my bio because it made my menu look cluttered.

10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC is my new media management company, taking the place of JB Burrage, LLC. This new business came to mind in April of this year, but I formalized it at the end of last month by filing the necessary paperwork with the state of Georgia. It was formed as a way of being reborn; while I liked JB Burrage, LLC (it hasn’t gone away but I haven’t updated the information with the state, yet), this is something kind of fresh.

People from my hometown who knew me from around the way would know where 10th Avenue comes from. It’s an homage to the street that I grew up on for my entire life, until I left Mississippi in 1999 for the Army. I chose the word “media” because it is a form of communication, which is what I do with my work. This will include blogging work, publishing, production, and other kind of written and visual work. The word “visions” is simply because my work are my visions.

The company is going to demonstrate a tighter control of my business compared to what I have been doing over the last few of years, and to focus more on self-management; a model that I was using until 2013, when I started trying to expand my network. For now, I much rather focus on managing myself with a very small, dedicated, and trustworthy team that understands me than to turn over management to a firm who has to deal with other clients, have to balance attention between me and those other clients, and doesn’t understand my visions and my situations. I am open to working with a management firm, but only after serious vetting. Plus, I know that there aren’t many managers for literary writers.

It’s also a demonstration of serious self-employment; the formation of this business will allow me to work around the issues that I have with my bipolar disorder, while putting out quality work. A key thing that I’m doing with the new company is to focus a lot more; at least in the beginning; on being contracted for freelance writing projects, such as guest blogging, writing scripts, and other writing services. I will post a full list of services I will be providing and my rates in the next couple of months. My freelance work will almost exclusively come from Upwork, a freelance job site. However, I will consider certain projects outside of Upwork, especially when the business expands.

Outside of writing, this will also be my first attempt to go back into producing and publishing my own work since 2015, especially stage production; that’s where my heart lies. It won’t happen right away, especially the publishing business since I’m currently working on a separate deal, which I can’t release details but if it works out, it will be groundbreaking. As far as with stage production, I’m looking to partner with someone for production management.

My new company isn’t fully active, yet, but I’m doing very limited business activities through it now; this blog and operation of this website is some of them. Everything isn’t in place to fully be operational, right now. I’m looking for it to be fully operational by the beginning of October. I’m making the announcement now because of the changes to the website and so potential clients and collaborators can prepare themselves.

So there you have it. That’s one of the things I’ve been working on. I’m excited about it and the big boost of the posts made it even more exciting. Forming it is stressful, just like any business is. But I know this will be worth it. As soon as I get the major things done with it, you will see a great logo and a lot of promotion for it. You’ll see moves being made, at least what I want you to see. Everyone knows I have to operate incognito until the time is just right.

That’s all I got for now, without putting out too much info. Be on the look out. 10th Avenue Media Visions is going to be something.

See you around.


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