True Love Doesn’t Exist

I had my days, and I had my fun. Thinking about those days, and I can now see how things have changed. I did some wild things in those days. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tell you. Some things that I can tell you; some things I would take to the grave. Just know that the things that I did were just a little bit crazy.

There was a time when my name was all in the streets, no matter where I went. I had more girls than I could name, and it started to feel the same. I knew it was something when I realized that people used to hang around me because they knew that it was going to be a party; I’m not the partying type. I was just a little wild.

I’m writing this random post because I’m thinking about once upon a time. I’m not wishing for those days, because some of those days were doing the darkest and most twisted parts of my life. Like I said, it was fun, but the party had to stop eventually. You have to return back to reality; back to the real world.

This is not really a post about bipolar, even though being bipolar makes having meaningful relationships difficult. This isn’t a post about what’s considered the clichés of love, even though I do believe everyone deserves some type of love. This really isn’t about me personally, although I’m using a lot of personal connections in this post.

This isn’t JB Burrage going soft. After all, I’m known for not being the extremely emotional type. But I remember the times. I remember trying to find love, but when I couldn’t I went back to what I knew. While I won’t comment on my relationship status (form your opinions all you want; they are your opinions, not actual facts), I will tell you that I have several thoughts on the state of relationships today. Sit down with me at any bar or restaurant in Atlanta or Meridian and we will talk about some of them.

Love is such a subjective term. No matter how people try to define it or place it on other people, it’s still subjective. While people are in search of “true love”, I believe true love is also subjective, and I believe that it doesn’t exist; at least not in the realm of our existence. The hopeless romantics always get pissed at me when I say this. All you have to do is go on social media and follow the trend to see my point, and that’s just that the newest fad. In my opinion, true love doesn’t exist until you transition, meaning when you die and you make it to Heaven. The mortals that we are spending so much time searching for that true love that we neglect what’s really in front of us.

What I do believe in is the strong bond of love. I do believe that even though we interpret love in our own human minds, there is a connection somewhere. That’s what I think we ignore in the search for that true love. We ignore the connection. We actually spend so much time trying to make something the true love event that we try to make something out of something that doesn’t exist.

I’m just an ordinary man who doesn’t have the best track record with love and relationships. But those experiences also forced me to learn a thing or two. Just enjoy the moment. Enjoy each other. Stop trying to force a situation. If you want marriage, that’s fine. But don’t try to force your mate into it. If you want to take walks on the beach and have romantic picnics, that’s fine. But don’t force your mate into it if it’s not necessarily what they are into. Enjoy the moment, and let it build. It will be okay.

The featured picture is what a lot of y’all, especially women, want to happen. You might get a month or two of that before it gets old. Just celebrate what you have, and make it worth each other’s while. Let your mate know that this is where they need to be. True love doesn’t exist in our realm. But human love does.

Think on it. Later…


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