The Work Continues

I continue to look at the feedback from my work that I have done so far with and I’m still amazed. It’s simply incredible to get the responses that I’ve been getting, people telling me how much my articles mean to them and how much they can relate to them. What little do people know is that it goes both ways; the feedback to mine and seeing their stories help me as well.

The website told me a few days that I’m a very talented writer, which especially made me feel good because I always had doubt about how good of a writer I am. Anybody who knows me is that writing is passion, and I try to stay humble about it. So for these people to give me that compliment and ask me was I going to continue to write for them or take a break was huge. Of course, I told them I will keep writing.

With all of this, it highlights even more that the work must continue. My purpose of launching this blog was to get my own personal stuff out and to help people, and it’s clear that it’s launching what’s probably going to be the biggest move I’ve made yet. I feel like I’m realizing my mission. I feel like God has put me in this position so I can do more than just write.

Don’t get me wrong, the raunchy JB Burrage will still be around. The only difference is that this is the more mature and clean-cut JB Burrage. I’m a multi-faceted individual. What can I say?

I say this every few posts, but I have to say it because of how gracious I am. Thank you for the kind and encouraging comments, the visits to my blog and website, the feedback on my articles, everything. When I say that all of y’all helps fuel my motivation to do this, I mean it; even during the times I feel like I can’t go on. This work that I’m doing just isn’t for me. It’s for all of you. So thank you for the support.

As my support continues to build, I didn’t think I would feel this way in this short amount of time. It’s such an honor.

But it ain’t over. It’s just starting. See you around…


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