My New Post with

My latest post was for was posted last week. Called “Bipolar Depression: When My Days Got Dark and I Thought I Lost Myself“, I switched from talking about my hypomania; which I talked about in my last two posts; to talking about my depression. Some of what I talked about people know about me already. Other things I talked about no one had any idea.

This was my last contracted post with the website, so it’s a little bittersweet. I hope to continue to work with them, but I haven’t received an invitation, yet. Even if I don’t get invited to continue writing for them, I’m glad that I got a chance to do it. It helped me out tremendously, both professionally and personally.

I know I haven’t posted in this blog in a while, but I was really busy at first, then I started to feel it because of the lack of sleep. I ended up stepping back so I can try to get some rest. Then, my back gave out two days after the Fourth of July. But I’ve been here. The project I’ve been developing is coming along fine, and I’m still shooting for a late September/early October launch. I plan on announcing it on this blog next month, after I get a couple of more things in place.

The featured picture is from their website. It was used for my entry.

As much as I love writing on this blog, I got to go. I got more work to do before I go handle some other stuff outside of the office. Check out my post of, and feel free to comment.

I’ll be back soon, my friends.



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